Israel Palestine War Updates, latest news: फंसा हमास, दाने-दाने को मोहताज

Israel Palestine War Updates: Benny Gantz, a prominent figure in Israeli politics with previous roles as the defense minister and military chief of staff, has made a noteworthy declaration. He publicly announced that he has entered into an agreement to form a unity government alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Together, they have outlined their shared plan, and this development is particularly significant given the ongoing conflict, emphasizing the vital role of unity and collaboration in addressing critical national concerns.

Israel Palestine War Updates, Israel Palestine latest news

According to their joint statement, they aim to create a “war-management” Cabinet, which will consist of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and two other high-ranking officials as “observer” members. This specialized group will solely focus on dealing with the ongoing conflict.

Importantly, they have pledged that, while the conflict continues, no unrelated legislation or decisions will be made by the government, showing their commitment to effectively managing the crisis. The future of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s current government, which includes far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties, is uncertain and raises questions about its stability.

Israel Palestine War Updates

In the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, which has extended into a humanitarian crisis for the fifth consecutive day, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has declared his intent to launch a ground offensive in Gaza.

This decision has prompted Palestinians to seek refuge in the restricted and heavily blockaded area, which is now enduring severe consequences due to retaliatory measures following attacks by Hamas. The global community is closely following these distressing events, which have raised significant concerns.

In the Israel-Hamas conflict, things have become very serious. On Saturday, Hamas fired over 5,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel, causing significant loss of life and injuries on both sides. The ongoing rocket attacks have set off alarms across Israel, increasing the chances of more fighting.

Israel has responded by completely blocking off Gaza, making the tough humanitarian situation even worse. This has left Palestinians deeply concerned, as they fear a situation similar to the Nakba, which refers to past Palestinian displacements and suffering during conflicts.

But there’s a glimmer of hope. A senior Hamas official has said they’re open to discussing a potential truce with Israel. This raises the possibility of diplomatic efforts to end the fighting. However, the situation remains very complicated and unstable, and the international community is watching closely with great concern.

In Gaza, there’s no electricity right now. The power station there has stopped working, as per sources tied to Hamas, reported by Reuters. This power outage is making life even harder for the people in Gaza during the conflict, affecting their access to basic services. The world is watching this situation with concern.

Who Started the War between Israel and Pale

who started the war between israel and pale, how many countries support palestine in war

This marked a pivotal moment two decades after the conclusion of the 1967 war, as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict took a dramatic turn. In December 1987, Palestinians launched their inaugural intifada, or “uprising.” The trigger for this uprising was a heart-wrenching incident.

An Israeli truck tragically collided with a vehicle transporting Palestinian workers within Gaza’s Jabalya refugee camp, leading to the unfortunate loss of four lives. This heart-rending accident served as the spark that ignited the intifada, propelling the region into a period of escalated tensions and intensified conflict that would significantly shape the course of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Who Owned the Land First Israel or Palestine

The birth of the Israeli state in 1948 was facilitated by the support of Britain and its allies, effectively leading to its establishment in territories that had long been home to Palestinian communities. This momentous event was marked by a wide-reaching process of ethnic cleansing, which resulted in a significant alteration of the region’s population and its political landscape.

It’s essential to recognize that the lands recognized as Palestine were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire just a little over a century ago. Understanding this historical backdrop is crucial for grasping the intricate dynamics and historical transformations that have played a central role in shaping the complex and ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What is the problem between Israel and Palestine?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when both Jewish and Arab communities formed nationalist movements to seek self-rule in the Middle East. This history lays the groundwork for the ongoing and complicated fight for land, identity, and self-government that characterizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Who is Right Israel or Palestine

Neither side is 100% right and neither side is 100% wrong. Western people want to view things as good and evil, and many want to view the conflict as colonialist Israel vs native Palestinians, it’s not.

I’ll try to pick three major rights and three major wrongs for both sides.


Right: Israelis have a legit claim to the land, it is historically documented outside of the bible that they lived there.

Right: It is the center of their religion.

Right: They have the right to live in peace, free from missile attacks and terrorism.

Wrong: Israel has refused to allow Palestinians to develop Area C as defined by the Oslo Accords in such a way that would create prosperity.

Wrong: Israel has greatly limited the Palestinians ability to develop infrastructure and to move freely.

Wrong: Israel has abused eminent domain and destroyed Palestinian villages to expand itself.


Right: Palestinians have a legit claim to the land. They lived there before WW2.

Right: Palestinians have a right to live and prosper.

Right: Palestinians have a right to self-determination in the form of developing their own government.

Wrong: Palestinian terrorism has been a constant detriment both to the peace process and living conditions.

Wrong: When Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, Palestinians had an opportunity to show the world a Palestinian state would be a good neighbor and peaceful friend to Israel and really put the onus on Israel. Instead, they chose to create a failed terror state that is full of poverty and uses its resources to build rockets and shoot them at Israel.

Wrong: Palestine has refused every peace offering made by Israel, including the 2008 Olmert offering giving them East Jerusalem and the Old City.

As you can see, both sides have rights and wrongs to their name. The path forward comes when the world stops viewing it as a colonial issue and starts viewing it as two groups of people who aren’t going away, and holds each group accountable for their actions at an equal level.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Timeline

  • 1917: The Balfour Declaration. …
  • 1923-48: British Mandate for Palestine. …
  • 1948: The creation of the state of Israel. …
  • 1956: The Suez Crisis. …
  • 1967: Six-Day War and beginning of settlement construction. …
  • 1973: Yom Kippur War – Arab countries attack Israel. …
  • 1978: Camp David Accords. …
  • 1987: First Intifada.

How many Countries Support Palestine in War

How many Countries Support Palestine, How many Countries Support Palestine in War

Countries have shown support for Hamas in various ways. Qatar has been a major player, offering financial support and hosting Hamas leaders. Other nations, including Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, the Arab League, and Jordan, have also expressed differing levels of backing for Hamas.

Israel palestine war videos


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