Vizianagaram Train Accident – Latest News in Andhra Pradesh

Vizianagaram Train Accident: In the recent update on the tragic Andhra Pradesh train accident in Vizianagaram district on the Howrah-Chennai line, the death toll has increased to 14. Mayur Ashok, the joint collector of Vizianagaram, provided this information on Monday.

Vizianagaram Train Accident

The number of injured individuals has also risen to 50. Furthermore, Ashok explained that the number of fatalities grew by one, bringing the total to 14, with 13 people losing their lives at the accident site and one person passing away while receiving medical treatment.

Vizianagaram Train Accident

On Sunday evening, a tragic train collision occurred in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district on the Howrah-Chennai line. This unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of more than 10 lives and left several individuals injured.

Vizianagaram Train Accident

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) provided details about the collision. The Palasa passenger train was traveling on the middle track and had slowed down. Meanwhile, the Rayagada passenger train overshot a signal and collided with the rear of the Palasa passenger train.

The impact was severe, causing significant damage to three coaches of the Palasa passenger train, the locomotive, and two coaches of the Rayagada passenger train. These damaged carriages were overturned and thrown beside the tracks, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

Rescue efforts are ongoing at the accident site. Railway officials are working hard to fix the track, essential for reopening the Chennai-Kolkata route, which has been closed since the accident.

Injured people have been quickly taken to hospitals in Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram for medical care. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan is expected to visit the accident site today to assess the situation and offer support to those affected.

PM and Railway Minister are urged by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh to visit all Indian train lines.

On Monday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw to inspect all railway lines nationwide. He made this request after visiting the Vizianagaram government general hospital.

Where survivors of a recent train accident in Vizianagaram district are receiving treatment. This call underscores the importance of ensuring the safety and dependability of the country’s railway system.

“I’m urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw to set up a high-level audit team. They should thoroughly check these issues, not only on this particular line but on all railway lines across the country,” Chief Minister Reddy shared on social media.

To stress the importance of this audit, he emphasized the necessity of preventing such devastating accidents in the future. Chief Minister Reddy also posed three questions about the accident, which resulted in 14 lives lost and 50 people injured.

His call for a comprehensive examination reflects his commitment to enhancing railway safety and avoiding similar incidents.

Grieving survivors in Vizianagaram, AP, say they felt like heavy jerks before the train crashed.

Survivors of the Vizianagaram train accident recounted their frightening moments before the tragic collision that claimed 14 lives. Satyanarayana, one of the survivors, explained they felt sudden jerks as the train repeatedly applied its brakes, causing anxiety among the passengers.

Moments later, a deafening crash brought everything to an abrupt stop, disrupting the peaceful journey. These passenger stories provide a chilling glimpse into the chaos and shock of the accident.

“We got on the train in Vizag, and a lot of us were going to Bobbili. Out of nowhere, the brakes were slammed on, and the train jolted three times.

This made people really anxious,” Satyanarayana shared. These sudden and surprising incidents left passengers feeling distressed and bewildered during their journey.

An initial investigation blames the crew of the Rayagada passenger train.

An early railway investigation into the Sunday night accident in Andhra Pradesh concluded that the driver and assistant driver of the Rayagada passenger train were responsible for the collision. They disregarded two faulty auto signals, violating safety regulations. Regrettably, both crew members lost their lives in the accident.

The initial report, supported by seven experts, demonstrates their thorough examination of the accident site, review of evidence, consideration of official statements, and analysis of data logger and speedometer records. Their inquiry sheds light on the factors behind this tragic incident.

The investigation found that the Rayagada passenger train (Train no. 08504) collided with the Visakhapatnam Palasa passenger train (Train no. 08532) from behind. The crew of the Rayagada passenger train is at fault for ignoring two malfunctioning auto signals.

According to the report obtained by PTI, it’s evident that the responsibility for the incident lies with the locomotive pilot (LP), S M S Rao, and the Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) of Train no. 08504 (Rayagada Passenger train).

A Pradesh chief minister pays a visit to a rail accident survivor at a hospital in Vizianagaram.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy demonstrated his concern for the train accident victims during his visit to the Vizianagaram Government General Hospital on Monday.

He personally inquired about their treatment and facilities, speaking with patients to ensure their well-being. Chief Minister Reddy spent nearly an hour with the patients, displaying his empathy and commitment to their recovery.

Earlier, Chief Minister Reddy postponed his visit to the accident site to prevent any disruption to the crucial track restoration work. Instead, he went straight to the hospital where many survivors were receiving treatment.

This decision was made following advice from railway officials, as conveyed in a note from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to PTI. Railway authorities were concerned that the Chief Minister’s visit to the accident scene might slow down the urgent track restoration work.

Which was a top priority for resuming train services. This practical approach ensured that the necessary work proceeded smoothly without any interruptions.

A veil of doom settles over the hospital in Vizianagaram.

A solemn mood filled the Vizianagaram government hospital as family members and relatives of the train accident victims arrived on October 30. They faced substantial challenges in getting to the hospital.

Coming from remote villages such as Cheepurupalli, Garividi, G. Sigadam, Parvatipuram, and other distant areas. These arduous journeys highlighted the deep sadness and concern that had gripped the community following the tragic incident.

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