Why Apple Calls Its AI Apple Intelligence, Tim Cook Explains

The devloper of apple is (wwdc) is underway. There are one noticable thing that takes our mind attention is the apple intelligence. Although apple was late in ai intelligence. But the coe team and the tim cook has an different explanation of this .

Recently the ceo of the apple meets a popular YouTube names marques brownlee who also known as MKBDH . Cook whose 63 years old speak about ai approch apple and privacy and security and more .

Begging of the interview host asked cook how to define apple it’s ai . This is specifically asked because apple didn’t use these terms in its demos and in presentation also . Cook reveled that apple has been revealing its ai from a long time.

Cash detection and things like AFIB these all are machine learnings. But the thing which get’s attention is the generative ai said cook. It is a huge opportunity to all of us . It includes technology and provdes more effective things . We approach it very thoughtful , focused on privacy as a key of our thrust into Ai . He said .

At WWDC 2024 apples revels it’s apple ai intelligence.with a lot of change in it’s functions under its ambits. Cook said that company always talks about its benifit and technologies behind it’s feature. He said that people want to know apple’s ai generative and then company feels imbarance amd call it’s aplle intelligence.

The key note of two hour long showed how privacy and security was of the apple intelligence it’s comes with more complex and compute Power . From cook asked about it’s PCC handles.

Cook said that pcc device is ensures the safe and secure apple silicon architecture for the devices. You can use large models like chatgpt for making quick decesion jn time. No data is sent to open ai without user’s consent he said.

In interview progressed , Brownlee asked cook he saw a future where phone are not that use because of ai intelligence and it’s well works. Cook said that they cant tells people to spend their lives on device’s

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