6 Foods That Keeps You Hydrated As Per Expert

As we all know that our weather gets warmer day by day .In these days we should have to intake some hydrating foods which contain more water .

Summer the warmest season of the year which means it’s important to intake more water and healthy green leafy food which contain makes you hydrated .
Water isn’t enough it’s own you have to
Add some electrolyte to your diet. These supplement keeps you hydrated and refill mineral lost through sweat.

In this season, there are many minerals, nutrients and electrolytes which satisfy your thirst and keep you healthy.

Here are some hydrating foods which you can store in your fridge and they provide you the benefits.


cucumber with it’s 95% water contain and rich in nutrient profile in an amazing Summer choice .it can help hydrate the body and maintain adequate blood pressure , smooth skin, also helps in digestion and reduces the fat .

2. Watermelon:

watermelon contain 90% of water which makes it’s useful to staying hydrated in summer . It can also satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sugars . Watermelon also contains antioxidant . And these substances can help you to remove molecules.

3. Tomatoes:

Many people think that Tomatoes as vegetables , but they are actually the fruit with the highest water contain . They also contains lycopene which help prevent cell damage. And keeps you hydrated.

4. Citrus fruit:

Citrus fruit keeps your skin young and youthful . Vitamin c is the best option to intake in summer prevent in these warm days . It works as an exfoliator.and strengthen hair and reduces dandruff.

5. Green leafy vegetables:

spinach , lettuce, Chinese cabbage this can had in salads or as adish in a meal . Green leafy vegetables help in maintain a healthy weight . support vision and skin health. Rich in vitamin and mineral such as vitamin c . The fat and sugar content of green leafy vegetables is minimal , which also make them fit for a weight loss diet .

6. Radish:

Radish can help lower blood sugar and are a source of antioxidant that might help you to protect against cancer and keeps your body hydrated . It is rich source of magnesium, potassium and vitamin c . Which helps you to hydrate and keeps you healthy.

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