ADITI Scheme Launched During DefConnect 2024: Online Registration, Last Date

ADITI Scheme Defense Minister Rajnath Singh introduced the Acing Development of Innovative Technology (ADITI) initiative at DefConnect 2024. The objective of this endeavor is to propel progress in vital and tactical military technology. The implementation of DISC 11, the ADITI Scheme, and further initiatives highlights the government’s resolute dedication to fostering innovation, self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurship within the defense industry.

In order to guarantee India’s security and sovereignty going forward, these steps are essential. They also quicken the country’s ascent to the forefront of innovation and defense technology worldwide.

ADITI Scheme 2024

Under the arrangement, startups are eligible to apply for grants-in-aid up to Rs 25 crore to support their R&D and development efforts in guard advancements. The initiative will foster young people’s creativity and support the nation’s vitally needed inventive advancements. The 750 crore rupee ADITI conspiracy for the financial long run 2023–24 to 2025–26 is housed within the iDEX (Developments for Guard Greatness) system, which is located beneath the Office of Protection Generation (DDP), Service of Protection.

The ADITI Conspire was launched by India’s Guard Service, Mr. Rajnath Singh, in order to strengthen national security and provide youth with the tools they need to advance. This scheme would provide financial support to all Indian startups, enabling them to move further with their research and development.

Acing Development Of Innovative Technology Scheme Highlights

 Name  ADITI Scheme 2024
 Full form  Acing Development of Innovative technology
 Initiated by  Government of India
 Announced by  Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
 Announced at  Monday
 Last Date to Apply  4 April 2024
 Beneficiaries  Start-ups
 State  All over India
 Official Website  Click Here

ADITI Scheme Objective

India’s youth are to be inspired and involved in the field of defense technology and innovations, which is the main goal of the ADITI Scheme. In order to develop domestic capabilities and save a substantial amount of money, the Indian Ministry of Defence launched this program. Functioning within the Department of Defence Production (DDP), Ministry of Defence’s iDEX (Innovations for Defence Excellence) framework, the programme has a sizeable budget of Rs 750 crore for the fiscal year 2023–2025.

Features & Benefits Of ADITI Scheme

  1. The programme provides critical financial support to start-ups working in Defence technologies by offering grants of up to Rs 25 crore.
  2. The programme fosters a sense of pride in the country by providing opportunities for young inventors to actively contribute to defensive technologies.
  3. The program, which places a strong emphasis on indigenous development, attempts to save expenses for the Defense Ministry by reducing reliance on imports.
  4. Financial support for startups spurs creativity and hastens the development of defense technology.
  5. By assisting domestic startups, India may become more self-sufficient in defense technology and less dependent on outside funding.
  6. The multi-year deployment guarantees a strategic and long-lasting effect, encouraging defense innovation to keep growing.
  7. The official website makes it simple for interested persons to apply, which expedites the procedure for possible recipients.

Implementation of the ADITI Scheme

Rajnath Singh highlighted that as defense technology plays such a vital part in contemporary warfare, becoming self-sufficient depends on mastering it. He presented two approaches: developing domestic technology and assimilating foreign technologies. Both approaches are aggressively pursued by the government, which uses foreign direct investment (FDI) as an offset to buy technologies all over the world.

Singh did draw attention to a problem, though: countries frequently hesitate to share their most recent inventions, which restricts our access to the greatest technologies. He emphasized the necessity of developing our own technology via vigorous research and development (R&D) activities in order to overcome this. India is well-positioned to enhance its technological capabilities due to its large and enthusiastic youth workforce, and the establishment of a conducive R&D environment is imperative.

Eligibility Criteria Of ADITI Scheme 2024

  1. The candidate needs to be an Indian permanent resident.
  2. For startups, as specified and approved by the Indian government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  3. Any Indian business that was incorporated in accordance with the Companies Act of 1956 or 2013 is considered an MSME, as defined by the MSME Act of 2006.
  4. Individual innovators are also welcome to apply (academic & research institutes may use this category for applications).

Required Documents ADITI Scheme

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank details
  • Voter ID card.
  • Startup official documents

How To Apply For The ADITI Scheme?

  • Visit the iDEX official website at
  • Navigate down to find the prominent APPLY NOW button highlighted in blue.
  • Once you click on it, the application form for the ADITI scheme will appear on your screen.
  • Take the time to meticulously complete all the necessary fields, including your category, name, etc.
  • Additionally, ensure you upload your pitch deck, outlining the details of the challenge you intend to address.
  • Thoroughly fill in all the required information and submit your application to participate in the ADITI scheme.


1.What is the ADITI Scheme?
The ADITI Scheme, under the iDEX framework, is a government initiative to support and fund breakthroughs in essential and strategic defence technology in India.

2.How can I apply for the ADITI Scheme?
To apply, visit the official iDEX website at, scroll down to find the APPLY NOW button, and fill out the application form with the required details.

3.What types of projects does the ADITI Scheme support?
The scheme supports projects focused on research and development (R&D) in defence technology and innovations, particularly those with the potential for significant advancements.

4.Is there a financial limit for grants under the ADITI Scheme?
Yes, start-ups can apply for grants-in-aid of up to Rs 25 crore to support their R&D efforts in defence technologies.

5.Who is eligible to apply for the ADITI Scheme?
Start-ups and individuals engaged in defence technology and innovation are eligible to apply for the scheme.


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