Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024: Application Form, Eligibility, Benefits

Apun Bahan Scheme The Assam government said thumbs up to the Apun Bahan Scheme. This cool plan is all about helping folks get cars more easily by giving them a break on the interest for auto loans. The Assam State Government rolled out this scheme because they know how important safety and being on time is for government employees. So, they’re making it a bit simpler for these folks to get a car by cutting down on the interest they need to pay on their bank loans.

Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024

Everyone needs a vehicle to balance work and life, right? Well, the Assam government thought so too and came up with the Apun Bahan Scheme Assam. It’s like a cool program that makes it super easy for people working for the state to buy cars.

Whether you’re a guy, a gal, or someone with disabilities, you can get a loan to buy a car at a lower interest rate through this scheme. And get this – it’s not just for any state employee; you need to be a regular state government employee and fall between the ages of 21 and 53 to get in on the benefits.

Now, what’s even cooler is that the government is giving a little help with the interest on your vehicle loan through the Apun Bahan program. So, if you’re a state employee, you can now get a car loan with some interest discounts.

Apun Bahan Scheme Objective

The Apun Bahan Scheme in Assam is designed to make vehicle ownership a breeze for state employees. Its primary aim is to simplify the process of buying a vehicle by offering reduced interest rates on auto loans. This initiative is inclusive, catering to male, female, and disabled employees, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the program.

Specifically targeting state employees between the ages of 21 and 53, the scheme recognizes the importance of providing assistance within a certain age range. Beyond just financial benefits, the Apun Bahan Scheme acknowledges the significance of a healthy work-life balance and aims to support employees in managing both professional and personal responsibilities effectively.

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme Details

 Name of the scheme  Apun Bahan Scheme
 Launched by  CM of Himanta Biswa
 State  Assam
 Year  2024
 Benefits  To provide vehicle subsidy loans for the people of Assam
 Application mode  Both Online and Offline
 Official website  Click Here

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 Eligibility

  1. The benefits of this Programme are available to all Assamese government employees.
  2. This program is also available to all female employees and employees with disabilities.
  3. The employee submitting the application should be in possession of all the necessary paperwork for this program. 

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 Benefit

  • Employees of the State Government will benefit from the Apun Bahan program when purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Employees are allowed to drive electric, diesel, or gasoline-powered cars.
  • If a male employee chooses a gasoline or diesel vehicle, they will benefit from a 2% interest subversion on the loan amount.
  • A 3% interest rate discount on the loan amount will be granted to female employees or employees with disabilities, regardless of the car they pick.
  • If a male employee purchases an electric vehicle, they will additionally receive a 3% interest subsidy.
  • There are loans available up to 15 lakhs, or 48 times an applicant’s monthly salary.
  • The Apun Bahan Yojana acts as a link to promote the State’s use of electric vehicles.
  • The Apun Bahan Scheme in Assam unintentionally benefits the environment.

Required Documents Of Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024

  1. Aadhar card
  2. PAN card
  3. Bank passbook
  4. Mobile number
  5. Passport size photo
  6. Email id

How to Apply under Apun Bahan Assam Scheme?

Assam state government employees who wish to apply for the Apun Bahan Yojana can do so online. The official website for the Apun Bahan plan has been made available, but the online application for the plan has not yet begun. When it does, we will provide you with more information. I’ll keep you updated with this article.

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 FAQs

1.Who Can Take Advantage of the Apun Bahan Scheme?
The Programme is intended for all Assamese state employees, including disabled, male, and female personnel.

2.What benefits are available to state employees under the Apun Bahan Scheme?
State employees can now acquire cars at a lower cost thanks to the program’s lower auto loan interest rates.

3.Can employees of any age participate in the Apun Bahan Scheme?
State workers between the ages of 21 and 53 are the scheme’s specified target demographic.

4.How can state employees apply for the Apun Bahan Scheme benefits?
Employees may need to arrange with participating banks for details regarding the application process and qualifying requirements, which can be found through official channels.


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