Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Online, Apply Date, Registration

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana The Bihar government’s Small Udyami Scheme is a great way to support people in Bihar who may not have much money. They’re offering Rs. 2 lakh to about 94 lakh individuals in three parts to help them kickstart their own businesses. The goal is not just to assist these individuals but also to bring down unemployment in the state. This article will provide you with all the easy-to-understand details about how to register online for the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

The Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme got the nod from the Bihar Government on January 16, 2024, during a Cabinet meeting. This plan is all about helping folks who don’t have much money to start their own businesses. Each family in this plan will get Rs 2 lakh, and about 94 lakh families will get this help. To make sure everything runs smoothly, a group led by some important people will be in charge.

To get the Rs 2 lakh help through the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana, families just need to apply online. The government has set aside Rs 1000 crore for the year 2024-25 to make this happen. The money will go straight to the bank accounts of the families through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). This plan not only helps families become more independent by starting their own businesses but also helps tackle the problem of not having enough jobs in the state.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 – Overview

 Name of the Department  Cabinet Secretariat Department / Bihar Industries Department
 Name of the State  Bihar
 About  Bihar Small Industries Scheme
 Type  Bihar Government Scheme
 Eligible Casts  SC/ST and OBC GEN
 Mode of Application  Online
 Starting Date of Application  Jan / Feb 2024
 Benefit Amount Rs. 2 Lakh
 Scheme Name Chief Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana
 Academic Year 2024
 Official Website  Click Here

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana Objective

The Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme is like a helping hand from the government to families struggling with money. The main idea is to give Rs 2 lakh to each family so they can start their own businesses. A recent survey found that about 94,33,312 families in Bihar survive on Rs 6000 or less per month. The government wants to change this by offering support through this scheme, helping these families start their own businesses. This will make people in Bihar more self-reliant and empowered, improving their money situation.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Benefits and Features

Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, leading the charge, has launched the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme to uplift the economic status of impoverished families across the state. This scheme aims to extend financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh to each deserving family for fostering self-employment opportunities. The state government will disburse this amount in three installments, directly transferring it to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

To execute this initiative successfully, the Bihar government has allocated a substantial budget of Rs 1250 crore for the next five years. More than 94 lakh economically challenged families in the state are expected to benefit from this scheme, helping at least one member per family. Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme encompasses 62 different industries, allowing individuals to choose from a diverse range of self-employment opportunities.

Operated by the Bihar Industries Department, the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana exclusively accepts online applications, streamlining the process for eligible candidates.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Eligibility

  1. Applicants must be residents of Bihar. The scheme is intended to benefit individuals living in the state.
  2. The scheme primarily targets economically weaker sections of society. Individuals with a lower income, particularly those facing financial challenges, are likely to meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. The scheme is designed to support self-employment. Individuals who aspire to start their own businesses or ventures can qualify for assistance under this scheme.
  4. Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana includes 62 different industries for self-employment. Applicants interested in engaging in any of these industries are eligible to apply.
  5. The application process for the scheme is conducted online. Eligible individuals must be able to access and submit their applications through the designated online portal.
  6. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance without discrimination. It is inclusive, targeting all sections of society facing economic challenges.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Documents

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Address proof
  3. I Certificate
  4. Caste certificate
  5. Age certificate
  6. Bank Account Passbook
  7. Mobile number
  8. Passport size photo

How to apply Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024?

  • Go to the official website of Bihar Small Industries.
  • Once on the homepage, locate and click on the “Register” option.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

  • Log in using your account credentials.
  • Upon logging in, you’ll be directed to a new page. Find the section dedicated to the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme application.
  • Fill in all the required information carefully, following the step-by-step instructions.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

  • Upload the specified documents needed for the scheme, such as identification proof and income certificates.
  • Click on the “Submit” button located at the bottom of the page after completing the form.
  • Your application will be considered complete once successfully submitted.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 FAQs

1.Who is eligible to apply for the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme?
The scheme is designed to assist economically weaker sections. Individuals residing in Bihar and aspiring to start their own businesses can apply.

2.How can I apply for the scheme?
To apply, visit the official website of Bihar Small Industries, register, log in, and complete the online application process by providing the required information and documents.

3. What documents are needed for the application?
Required documents may include identification proof, income certificates, and other relevant papers. Check the guidelines on the official website for the complete list.

4. How is the financial assistance provided under the scheme?
The financial aid of Rs 2 lakh is disbursed in three installments directly to the beneficiary’s bank account.

5. Is there an age limit for applicants?
The scheme’s guidelines do not typically specify an age limit. However, applicants are generally expected to be adults.

6. Can I apply for any type of business under this scheme?
The scheme covers 62 different industries for self-employment. Applicants can choose from these industries based on their interests and skills.

7. Is there any fee for applying to the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme?
The application process is usually free of charge. Applicants should check the official website for any updates or changes.

8. How are beneficiaries selected?
The selection process may involve a random method, ensuring fairness in the distribution of financial assistance.

9. What is the budget allocated for the scheme?
The Bihar government has allocated a budget of Rs 1250 crore for the operation of this scheme over the next 5 years.


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