Delhi Free Electricity Scheme 2024-200 यूनिट तक बिजली सब्सिडी

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a historic announcement prior to the assembly elections, introducing the Delhi Free Bijli Yojana which will provide a significant advantage to the people of Delhi. With the help of this effort, customers will not be assessed fees for using up to 200 units of electricity. To help you grasp the relevance of the system, let’s examine its specifics and recommendations in more detail.

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme 2024

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal made the decision to address the issue of growing electricity costs after taking office in 2015. In the past, there was a price of Rs 2 per unit for up to 400 units of electricity used, and an additional penalty of Rs 2 per unit for up to 100 units. Prior to the implementation of this policy, the Delhi government would provide subsidies of up to Rs 100.

Now under Delhi Free Bijli Yojana, electricity bills up to 200 units have been made free and apart from this, the residents of Delhi who are paying power from Rs 201 onwards. A customer will receive a 50% discount on his electricity payment if he uses up to 400 units of electricity.

Details of Delhi Free Bijli Yojana 2024

 Scheme  Delhi Free Electricity Scheme 2024
 Primary Announcement by  Chief Minister of Delhi
 Date of Starting Scheme  Available Soon
 Department  Delhi Electricity Department
 Beneficiary  All Citizen of State
 Benefits  Subsidy on Electricity
 Type of Scheme  State Govt Scheme
 Official website  Click Here

Objective of Delhi Free Electricity Scheme 2024

The state’s escalating electricity costs used to worry everyone, but now that the Delhi government is relieving the public of this burden by lowering electricity costs through the Delhi Free Electricity Scheme, everyone is less concerned. A 50% subsidy will be given for 201–400 units under this arrangement. The program’s benefits are available to all Delhi residents.

The Delhi government launched a free electricity program in response to the concerns of those who were struggling with high energy costs. People who participated in this scheme received 200 units of free power, and if they used between 201 and 400 units, they also received a 50% subsidy.

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme Benefits

  • The first 200 units of electricity you use are free of charge. It is like to receiving those units at no cost.
  • You only pay half of the normal fee for any additional units used if you use more than 200 but fewer than 400 units. It’s a significant savings for you.
  • You can take advantage of this strategy regardless of your identity or financial situation.
  • It is intended to benefit everyone in Delhi and slightly ease their daily lives.
  • Your electricity bill’s calculation process is now simpler to comprehend. There will be no more perplexing fees—just an honest approach.
  • Because your electricity costs will be lower, you’ll have more money for other essentials.

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme 2024

Residents of Delhi were formerly required to pay a set monthly fee of Rs 125/kW for a section load of up to 2 kW. However, effective on August 1, all residents will be required to pay a fixed monthly fee of Rs 20/kW. The residents of Delhi will considerably profit from this, since there will be savings of up to Rs 244 on all charges on a 2 kW load and savings of Rs 313 per month on a load up to 3 kW.

Bill Regarding Electricity Usage

Delhi residents who previously paid an electrical bill of Rs 622 for 200 units of power are now eligible for a 200 unit bill that is absolutely free. In a similar vein, customers who previously paid an electricity bill of Rs 800 for 250 units would now only have to pay Rs 252, and if they used 300 units, they would have to pay Rs 971, but now they would only have to pay Rs 526. Likewise, you will pay Rs 1320 for 400 units of electricity used, and you will now have to pay Rs 1075 for your electricity bill.

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme Eligibility 2024

  1. It is expected that you are a city dweller in Delhi.
  2. Since the program frequently targets households, you probably qualify if you use power at home.
  3. In order to ensure that people who could suffer financially receive additional assistance, some support may be targeted towards those with lower incomes.
  4. To verify that you’re eligible, you might need to present paperwork like identity or evidence of residency.
  5. There might be an easy application procedure. This could entail completing a form or giving some basic data.
  6. For the most accurate and current information, keep an eye out for official announcements from your local electrical provider or the Delhi government.

Main facts of Delhi Free Electricity Scheme

The benefits of this program are available to everyone who resides in Delhi permanently. This inclusive initiative aims to assist all facets of the Delhi community. The maximum amount of electricity used for this plan is 400 units. Crucially, the Delhi government has executed this program without any kind of reservation, guaranteeing equitable access for every citizen.

Delhi Free Electricity Scheme Documents

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Old electricity bill
  3. Identity card
  4. Mobile number
  5. Passport size photo

How To Apply For Delhi Free Electricity Scheme?

Interested state beneficiaries must first visit the power department in order to be eligible for the advantages of this program. When they arrive at the department, they have to fill out an application and bring all needed paperwork, which includes information on how many power units their families use. The benefits described in this scheme will be made available to eligible individuals following a thorough verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Delhi Free Electricity Scheme

1.Who is eligible for the Delhi Free Electricity Scheme?
Permanent residents of Delhi are eligible for this scheme.

2.Is the scheme available for all sections of society?
Yes, the scheme is open to all sections of Delhi’s population.

3.What is the maximum limit of electricity usage to avail benefits under this scheme?
The scheme applies to electricity usage of up to 400 units.

4.Where do interested beneficiaries need to go to avail the benefits?
Interested beneficiaries must visit their local electricity department.

5.What is the process for availing benefits under the scheme?
Beneficiaries need to fill out an application form at the electricity department and submit the required documents, including details of their electricity consumption.

6.Is there any reservation or preference under this scheme?
No, the Delhi government has not implemented any form of reservation or preference under this scheme.


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