HRMS Haryana Employee 2024 Login, Pay Slip

HRMS Haryana only government workers are permitted to use this portal. This is for you if you work for the government or if you want information about HRMS Haryana 2024 services. Online management of Employee Details, Loans, Penalties, Transfers, ACRs, Leave Records, Promotions, Seniority, and Service Books is possible. This program, which provides easy-to-use online services through, is essential for all state government workers.

HRMS Haryana Employee 2024

The Haryana government launched the HRMS Haryana portal, which is run by cutting-edge software infrastructure. This platform houses comprehensive records of all government workers and acts as the backbone for data management within the HRMS. For state personnel, a wide range of services are now easily accessible online through this digital gateway. Users of the HRMS Haryana Portal get access to a multitude of benefits.

The site acts as a one-stop shop for all things related to employees, handling tasks including processing transfers, sending salary statements, and simplifying leave applications. It also keeps track of annual wage records, updates biodata, verifies General Provident Fund (GPF) balances, and generates useful calculators.

Additionally, it simplifies administrative procedures by making Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) easily accessible. Other features it offers include electronic pay stubs, easy-to-manage deductions, hassle-free loan applications, a dedicated helpline, and effective channels for registering complaints. All of these features are intended to improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.

HRMS Haryana Portal 2024 Overview

 Portal  HRMS Haryana
 Started  By Haryana Government
 Beneficiary  State employees
 Objective  Providing online services to state employees
 Application Process  Online
 Official website  Click Here

Objective Of HRMS Haryana Portal

The principal objective of the Haryana government’s launch of the HRMS Haryana Portal is to secure the online privacy of employee data while digitizing state government employee data in line with the Digital India plan. Previously, employees had considerable difficulties in obtaining information on their pay, benefits, biodata, and General Provident Fund (GPF). But with the development of technology, computers can now do these jobs with ease. As a result, staff members can easily log into the portal to view their information from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits Of HRMS Haryana Portal 2024

  1. The HRMS portal was made available to state government employees by the Haryana government.
  2. Via this portal, all employee data is available online.
  3. State employees have simple access to a range of HR services.
  4. Access to pay stubs, service books, annual income statements, and GPF balances are among the services provided.
  5. Through the portal, requests for transfers—whether temporary or permanent—can also be made.
  6. By removing the requirement for employees to attend offices, the portal saves them time.
  7. A smartphone app for HRMS has been released for Android users to access portal services.
  8. Staff members can log in and use the services without having to register.
  9. The initiative’s goal is to manage personnel details more accurately and efficiently.

How To Login Employee On Haryana Portal?

  • Visit the HRMS Haryana Portal’s official website.
  • The homepage will show up after you are on the website.
  • On the homepage, look for the login area.

HRMS Haryana 2024

  • In the corresponding sections, enter your user type, user ID, password, and captcha code.
  • To continue, select the Login option.
  • You will be able to view your salary slip as well as other important data after successfully logging in.

Services available on Haryana HRMS Portal

  1. Basic Details of Haryana Employee
  2. Service Book
  3. Employee Age
  4. Employee Directory
  5. Retirement Due Details
  6. ACR Received/Missing/Pending
  7. Post Wise Sanctioned Aid & Vacancy
  8. Office Wise Sanctioned Aid & Vacancy

HRMS Haryana Portal 2024 FAQs

1.What is the HRMS Haryana Portal?
The HRMS Haryana Portal is an online platform launched by the Haryana Government for its employees. It facilitates various HR-related services and stores employee records digitally.

2.Who can access the HRMS Haryana Portal?
The portal is accessible to all government employees of the state of Haryana.

3.What services are available on the portal?
Services include accessing salary slips, applying for leave, requesting transfers, viewing service details, and checking GPF balances, among others.

4.How do I register on the HRMS Haryana Portal?
Registration details and procedures are typically provided by the respective department or HR authority. Employees need to follow the registration process outlined by their department.

5.How can I log in to my account?
To log in, users need to enter their user type, user ID, password, and captcha code on the login page of the portal.

6.Can I access the portal from my mobile device?
Yes, the Haryana Government has launched an HRMS Android App, allowing employees to access portal services through mobile phones.


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