Kutumb Sahay Yojana: Near Gurugram, Haryana, Delhi 2023

Kutumb Sahay Yojana: The Rashtriya Kutumb (Sankat Mochan) Scheme steps in when a family loses its main earner, whether due to natural or artificial causes. In these challenging times, the scheme requires the family to contribute Rs. 20,000 as part of the assistance program.

Kutumb Sahay Yojana

This initiative is a key part of the government’s broader effort to support people facing financial difficulties after the loss of their main source of income.

With a remarkable 20,000 assistance schemes in place, the government demonstrates its commitment to enhancing social security and economic well-being across various sectors.

These programs cover healthcare, education, housing, and other essential areas, forming a comprehensive strategy to uplift communities and ease the impact of unexpected situations on individuals and families.

Within this extensive framework, the Rashtriya Kutumb (Sankat Mochan) Scheme plays a crucial role by providing targeted support specifically designed for families dealing with the challenges arising from the loss of a key earner.

Kutumb Sahay Yojana

The Kutumb Sahay Yojana serves as a crucial financial support system for families navigating challenging times. Initially, the scheme provided Rs. 10,000/- to eligible families.

However, recognizing the shifting economic landscape and the increasing challenges families face during unforeseen events, the government took a significant step on 15-04-2014. Through a resolution, it doubled the assistance amount to Rs. 20,000/-.

This adjustment underscores the government’s commitment to staying responsive to the evolving needs of the population, ensuring that the assistance remains relevant and impactful.

The increased amount is designed to more effectively address the financial burdens families may encounter in the aftermath of calamities, offering a more substantial safety net during challenging times.

The Kutumb Sahay Yojana, with its enhanced assistance, stands as evidence of the government’s dedication to supporting citizens during crises and strengthening the social welfare fabric of the nation.

This proactive approach demonstrates a keen understanding of the economic realities faced by families and a commitment to providing meaningful assistance precisely when it is needed the most.

What are the benefits of Kutumb Sahay Yojana 2023

DBT provides support for Rs. 20,000 in the event of the primary earner’s death (Direct Account Deposit)

Kutumb Sahay Yojana

Who can avail the Benefits of Kutumb Sahay Yojana

  • The deceased’s age should have ranged from 18 to 60 years.
  • The BPL list ought to contain the deceased.
  • The departed ought to be the family’s head.
  • The application must be submitted within two years of the deceased person’s date of death.

How to apply Kutumb Sahay Yojana | Kutumb Sahay Yojana Form 2023

Applicant District Collector’s Office Tahsildar can apply at Sanjay Gandhi Yojana / Talathi office. Name of The Liaison Office: District Collector Office Tahsildar Sanjay Gandhi Yojana/Talathi Office

Kutumb Sahay Yojana
  • The district collector’s office, province office, taluka mamlatdar office, and public service center all have Parivar Sahay Yojana Form 2021 available. However, as of right now, there is only an online application available.
  • The Gram Panchayat Center’s VEC cooperative requires online applications, which must be submitted through the Digital Gujarat portal.
  • Go to https://www.digitalgujarat.gov.in to apply online.


If an individual between the ages of 18 and 59 who comes from a low-income family passes away either naturally or accidently, his family will receive Rs. 20,000 in financial support.


A sum of Rs. 20,000 is given in financial assistance.

Kutumb Sahay Yojana PDF

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