Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Online Registration Apply Online details in gujarati 2023

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: The E Samaj Kalyan portal is crucial to make the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana run smoothly in Gujarat. This program is all about supporting the weddings of daughters from families facing social and economic challenges. The Samaj Kalyan Portal is there to simplify the process for eligible people to benefit from the Kuwarbai Nu Mameru scheme.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana

Here’s how it works: The bride (Dulhan) receives direct financial assistance of Rs. 10,000, deposited directly into her bank account through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. This money is a significant help for families during their daughter’s wedding.

To qualify for the Kuwarbai Nu Mameru scheme, it’s designed to assist parents of Scheduled Tribe brides. To be eligible, the parents’ annual income must be below Rs. 27,000 in rural areas or Rs. 36,000 in urban areas. These criteria ensure that the support goes to families facing economic challenges and helps them during their daughter’s wedding.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana

The “Kunvarbai no Mameru Yojana” in Gujarat is a program that has been running for a while, helping daughters from financially challenged families. Here’s how it works: daughters receive direct financial assistance, and the money goes straight into their bank accounts through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system.

This program is specifically designed to support girls from Scheduled Castes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes, and Economically Weaker Families with the expenses of their weddings. They receive a significant sum of 12,000 (twelve thousand) rupees directly in their bank accounts to help cover the wedding costs.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Overview

Name of schemeKuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana
Language of ArticleEnglish
Objective of the SchemeMoney is given to needy girls in the state after they get married.
BeneficiaryEligible Girls of Gujarat State
Application ModeOnline
Amount 1 of the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru SchemeThose who married before January 4, 2021, Rs 10,000 in aid for girls
Amount 2 of the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru SchemeAssistance of Rs 12,000 for married Gujarati females after January 04, 2021
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana (Official Website)https://esamajkalyan.gujarat.gov.in/

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Benefits

The Kuverbai Nu Mameru Yojna helps with the weddings of up to 2 (two) adult girls in a family. Remember, if the beneficiary remarries, this scheme won’t offer assistance.

To qualify, the bride should be 18 years old, and the groom should be at least 21 years old at the time of their marriage. These conditions make sure the help goes to those who require it and follows the legal age for marriage.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Aim

The Kunwarbai Mameru Scheme offers financial help when a daughter from economically disadvantaged families gets married. It’s all about promoting the birth of daughters and preventing child marriage.

This initiative uplifts and empowers families in need while ensuring the welfare and rights of young girls are protected.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Eligibility

  1. The beneficiary must be a resident of the state of Gujarat.
  2. The applicant must come from a financially disadvantaged family.
  3. The Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme Gujarat provides benefits upon the marriage of 2 adult daughters in a family.
  4. This scheme can be availed in the case of the beneficiary’s remarriage, including widow remarriage.
  5. To apply for Kuvarbai Nu Mameru, an online form must be submitted within 2 years after the daughter’s marriage.
  6. Daughters participating in programs conducted during Seven Fera mass marriages are eligible to receive assistance from the scheme.
  7. Beneficiary brides taking part in community and other mass marriages can be eligible for benefits under the Seven Rounds Mass Marriage Scheme and Kunwarbai Mameru Scheme if they meet all the scheme’s conditions.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: Required Documents

For virgin females to benefit from the program, they must apply online. The following should be included in the Kunwarbai plan document.

  • Daughter’s Aadhar Card
  • Beneficiary bride’s father’s Aadhaar card
  • Gender pattern of girls
  • Girls’ school leaving certificate or birth certificate
  • Annual income pattern of beneficiary bride’s father or guardian
  • Proof of residence of the bride
  • Copy of the first page of the bride’s bank passbook (with father/guardian’s name followed by the bride’s name)
  • Joint photo of bride and groom
  • Proof of date of birth of the groom (LC/copy of date of birth/ certificate of government doctor in case of illiterate)
  • Marriage Registration Certificate
  • Self-declaration of the bride’s father/guardian
  • Example of death if the bride’s father is not alive

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form PDF (Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form PDF)

The Kunwarbai Mamalat Yojana Form PDF comes from the Social Justice and Empowerment Department. It’s tailored to specific castes.

The Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme application form for SEBC and Other Backward Classes is provided by the Director of the Scheduled Tribe Welfare Department, while the application form for SC caste girls is released by the Director of the Scheduled Caste Welfare Department.

Name of CasteDownload link
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form PDF (OBC-EBC)  Download Now
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form PDF (SC)  Download Now

How to apply online for Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana 2023

The new online portal is a great relief for underprivileged families in remote areas, sparing them from the hassle of repeated visits to government offices.

The primary goal of the Social Welfare Portal is to ensure that all eligible individuals can access the benefits of the Kunwarbai Yojana.

Through this portal, applying online is easy and convenient. To simplify things further, let’s walk through the step-by-step process for registering on e-Social Welfare Gujarat.

  • First of all, go to Google search and type ‘e-Social Welfare Portal’.
  • You have to click on the official website https://esamajkalyan.gujarat.gov.in/ in the Google search results.
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana
  • If you’re new to the e-Social Welfare Portal, just click “New User?” and follow the instructions to complete your registration.
  • Once your registration is done, the next step is to access your personal page. You can do this by clicking “Citizen Login” in the e-Social Welfare Portal.

Certainly, here are the steps to apply for the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme through the e-Samajik Kalyan Gujarat website:

  1. Caste Registration: Log in to e-Samajik Kalyan Gujarat’s website at [e-Samajik Kalyan.Gujarat.gov.in](https://e-Samajik Kalyan.Gujarat.gov.in) and register your caste as per the beneficiary’s details.
  2. Select Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme: Once you’ve logged in, look for the “Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme” option on the website and click on it.
  3. Online Form: Fill out the online form for the Kunwarbai’s Mameru Scheme with the required information. Ensure that you provide accurate details.
  4. Submit Online Form: After filling out all the necessary information, submit the online form.
  5. Application Number: Upon successful submission, an application number will be generated. Be sure to note and safeguard this application number for future reference.
  6. Upload Documents: Use the online portal to upload the original documents required for the scheme. Make sure these documents are accurate and complete.
  7. Confirmed Application: After uploading all the information and original documents, review your application to ensure all details are accurate. Confirm your application.
  8. Printout of Application: Once your application is confirmed, you’ll have the option to generate and print a copy of the application for your records.

These steps will help you apply for the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Scheme in Gujarat through the e-Samajik Kalyan Gujarat website. Please make sure to follow the official instructions and guidelines provided on the website to ensure a successful application.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana: FAQ’s

What is Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana?

Girls from Scheduled Castes, Socially and Educationally Retarded Classes, and Economically Weaker Families are granted access to this system by marrying off their daughters. Through assistance under this initiative, a direct deposit of 12000/- (twelve thousand) rupees is made into the bank account.

What is the time period for Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana?

Kuvarbai nu mameru form has to be applied online within 2 years of marriage.

How much is the Kuvarbai Nu Mameru amount?

Through assistance under this initiative, a direct deposit of 12000/- (twelve thousand) rupees is made into the bank account.

What is the age limit for love marriage?

Certainly, here’s a simplified version:
In India, the law is clear: To get married, a girl must be at least 18 years old, and a boy must be at least 21. This rule is part of the 2006 Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA). Following this law is vital to stop child marriages and protect the rights and well-being of individuals.

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