Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024 Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits

Laptop Sahay Yojana has been introduced by the Gujarat state government’s Tribal Improvement Office. This layout is specifically designed to provide underutilized computers to native or inborn youngsters, hence promoting their educational progress. Aimed at the academic progress of tribal students, this initiative provides several advantages to Gujarati citizens and was recently spearheaded by the state government.

The administration intends to provide free portable workstations to poor students throughout the state through this scheme. The Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat may be a welfare initiative specifically designed to benefit students by ensuring they have the necessary resources for their education.

Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

The state government of Gujarat launched the Laptop Sahay Yojana with the goal of providing economically advantageous advantages to the state’s impoverished residents. Acknowledging the difficulties faced by financially strapped students, the Gujarati government has made a noble move by providing free tablets to the people. The lack of tablets has made it impossible for many students, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds, to pursue their online goals in a sustainable way.

The government is helping understudies overcome obstacles and pursue their academic goals by giving away free tablets, rather than only catering to the technological divide. This task is designed to inspire and convince students, giving them the confidence to pursue their passions and aspirations. The workstation that is portable Sahay Yojana Gujarat is evidence of the government’s dedication to fostering educational opportunities and providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their financial situation.

Laptop Sahay Yojana 2024 Details

 Scheme  Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024
 Section  Ministry of Labor and Employment
 Year  2024
 State  Gujarat State Govt
 Beneficiary  Scheduled Tribe Students of Gujarat State
 Purpose of the   scheme  Financial loans to tribal students for computers or laptops and for   doing business
 Loan amount  ₹1,50,000
 Interest rate  4%
 Application Process  Online
 Official website  Click Here

Objective of Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

Gujarat gains a great deal from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s close links to the state. The state government of Gujarat has launched a program for these kids because many of them were unable to attend school or sign up for any online program during that era. The Sahay Yojana Gujarat portable workstation was developed to fulfill the desires of a typical Gujarati understudy. Every eligible candidate will receive a free portable workstation from the government. Along with a list of other crucial documents, all the information you need to take use of this program will be contained in this page.

Eligibility for Laptop Sahay Scheme 2024

  1. The student must be a Gujarati state resident.
  2. This initiative is only going to benefit students in the SC category.
  3. Caste certificate is a must.
  4. The student should be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  5. Student ought to have completed at least 12th grade of study.
  6. The applicant’s family should not include any government employees.
  7. His yearly salary shouldn’t be more than Rs. 1,20,000. And if you live in an urban location, it
  8. shouldn’t be more than ₹1,50,000.

Benefits of Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

  • The Tribal Improvement Office provides ST caste members with motivational factors under the mobile workstation yojana.
  • Credits for the purchase of PCs, mobile workstations, and other relevant hardware are available up to Rs 150,000 lakh.
  • The beneficiary is required to deposit 10% of the total advance amount.
  • For example, the government will lend Rs. 32,000, or 80% of the total cost, in the event that a portable workstation costs Rs. 40,000.
  • The understudy will be responsible for the remaining 20%, or Rs. 8,000.
  • Gujarati SC students receive financial assistance to purchase contemporary mobile workstations.
  • It is important to remember that members of the Planned Tribes (ST) are eligible for this program.

Required Documents for Laptop Sahay Yojana

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Residential Evidence
  3. Pan card
  4. ID for a voter
  5. Caste Document
  6. Age Valid
  7. Income Tax Form
  8. Bank Account Information
  9. Photo the size of a passport
  10. Mobile Number

How to Download Laptop Sahay Yojana Application Form Online?

  • You must first go to the official website that the government has made available.
  • The website’s homepage will then show up on your screen.

Laptop Sahay Yojana 2024

  • You have to select the scheme option there.
  • Choose the Laptop Sahay Yojana scheme choice after that.
  • There, along with other details, will be the scheme.

Laptop Sahay Yojana 2024

  • The application form’s PDF can be downloaded by clicking this link.
  • Your device will download a PDF when you click that.

How to fill Laptop Sahay Yojana Form?

  • First, go to, the official website of Adijati Vikas Nigam Gujarat.
  • On the homepage, click the Apply for Loan button.
  • Recently, a new company has emerged, called Gujarat Triple Development Corporation.
  • Choose the option for registration.
  • Get the OTP and enter it after entering the mobile number.
  • Your new password and login ID will be sent to you.
  • To access the new page, enter your new login ID and password now.

Contact Details

  • PHONE: +91 79 23253891, 23253893
  • Official Website: Click Here

Laptop Sahay Yojana FAQs

1. What is the Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat?
The Laptop Sahay Yojana is a scheme launched by the Gujarat state government to provide free laptops to underprivileged citizens, particularly students.

2. Who is eligible for the scheme?
The scheme primarily targets financially weaker students in Gujarat who face challenges in accessing laptops for their studies.

3. Why was the scheme introduced?
The scheme aims to bridge the digital gap and assist students in financially challenging situations by providing them with laptops for online education.

4. How can one apply for the Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat?
Detailed application procedures, eligibility criteria, and the application process will be available on the official website of the Gujarat government.

5. Is the scheme limited to students only?
While the primary focus is on students, the eligibility criteria may extend to other financially needy citizens as per the government’s guidelines.

6. What are the benefits of the Laptop Sahay Yojana?
The main benefit is the distribution of free laptops, enabling students to participate effectively in online education and pursue their academic goals.

7. How will the laptops be distributed?
The distribution process will be outlined by the state government, and eligible beneficiaries will receive the laptops through a specified mechanism.


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