Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Rajasthan 2024 Online Apply | 5 मिनट में बनाए आयुष्मान आरोग्य कार्ड

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana is the new name for the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme in Rajasthan, which was started by former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and changed during the Bhajanlal government’s leadership. Launched in 2021, this initiative was designed to resemble the Ayushman Bharat initiative and offered people in the state health insurance coverage up to Rs 10 lakh annually.

The Bhajan Lal government has made changes to the scheme instead of ending it. Here’s a condensed summary of the modifications made under the updated Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana for residents situated in Rajasthan.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Rajasthan 2024

The Central Government’s Ayushman Yojana, a nationwide initiative to protect people’ well-being, provides up to Rs 5 lakh in benefits to eligible citizens. A state-specific program called Chief Serve Ayushman Arogya Yojana was introduced in Rajasthan; it has now been renamed Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana.

The current Chiranjeev Wellbeing Protections Plot was officially renamed as the Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana on February 19 by the Rajasthan State Wellbeing Protections Organization. By offering them free therapeutic therapy, this program increases its benefits for BPL cardholders, farmers, state employees, and middle-class and financially disadvantaged families. The conspiracy is available to additional family units for an annual charge of Rs 850 per family.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Overview

 Scheme  Chief Minister Ayushman Health Yojana
 Who started  By Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajan Lal
 Beneficiary  Citizens of the State
 Objective  Provide health insurance
 Benefit  Rs 10 lakh health insurance per family
 Year  2024
 Application Process  Online
 Official website  Click Here

Objective of Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Yojana 2024

The primary goal of the Rajasthani government’s health insurance program is to give the state’s middle-class and impoverished families access to medical care. Ashok Gehlot, a former state chief minister, initiated this program. The Bhajan Lal government has now modified the name of the Chiranjeev Yojana to ensure that people can still benefit from it instead of ending it until Budget 2024–2025. You are eligible for free medical care at any private hospital under this program. This initiative offers free benefits to low-income families and charges a premium of Rs 850 to other households.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Benefits and Features 2024

  1. Obtain up to Rs 10 lakh in annual health coverage.
  2. Accessible to farmers, state employees, BPL cardholders, and lower- and middle-class households.
  3. Savor complimentary medical care, including hospital stays, surgeries, and other medical treatments.
  4. A Rs 850 annual surcharge is required for families outside of the aforementioned categories to join.
  5. Previously called the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, the Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana is the current name.
  6. On February 19, the Rajasthan State Health Insurance Agency formally announced the name change and revisions.
  7. Ensuring everyone access to high-quality healthcare without budgetary constraints is the goal.
  8. To learn the most recent information on the program, look for yearly announcements and official mailings.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Eligibility

  • It is my understanding that you live in Rajasthan.
  • BPL cardholders, farmers, state employees, and lower- and middle-class families are among the kinds of individuals for whom the program is intended.
  • Most likely, you qualify if you possess a BPL card.
  • These families might be eligible, subject to certain income thresholds.
  • There is a Rs 850 annual charge to join if your family does not fall into one of the aforementioned categories.
  • For the most recent and correct information, keep an eye on official announcements or the scheme’s website.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana Document

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Jan Aadhar Card
  3. Jan Aadhaar Registration Receipt
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Ration card

How to Apply For the Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana?

  • Go to to access the official Rajasthan portal.
  • Create an ID to log in to the portal.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana 2024

  • Use your login information to access the portal after creating your ID.
  • To locate the Ayushman Arogya Yojana on the portal, use the search box.
  • Once located, open the form for registration.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary information as asked. Don’t forget to pay the applicable fee.
  • Following the instructions on the form, submit your application.
  • There is no need to submit a new application if you are currently receiving benefits from the Chiranjeev Health Insurance Scheme.

Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana FAQs

1.What is Mukhyamantri Ayushman Arogya Yojana?
It is a health insurance scheme in Rajasthan offering financial assistance for medical expenses.

2.Where can I apply for the scheme?
Visit the official Rajasthan portal at to apply.

3.How do I create an ID on the portal?
Follow the registration process on the portal to create your ID.

4.Can I apply if I am already benefiting from Chiranjeev Health Insurance Scheme?
No, if you are already benefiting from Chiranjeev Health Insurance, there’s no need for a new application.

5.Is there a fee for the application?
Yes, fees may be applicable; ensure to pay as instructed during the application process.

6.Where can I find the registration form for Ayushman Arogya Yojana?
Use the search box on the portal to find the Ayushman Arogya Yojana and access the registration form.


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