NREGA Job Card List 2024: Download, Apply Online & Check List

NREGA Job Card NREGA, or MGNREGA, started in 2006 by then-Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, aims to provide 100 days of work each year to rural folks, preventing them from moving elsewhere for jobs. People get paid a minimum set by the government for their work, and no special skills are needed.

To get the 100 days of work, having an NREGA Job Card is crucial. The card is issued yearly to new applicants, and a list is released. If you haven’t applied for a card yet, you should do so soon. It’s an easy way for rural citizens to check for job opportunities in their areas.

NREGA Job Card Online Form 2024

To apply for the NREGA Job Card in 2024, individuals can easily fill out the online form available on the official website. This user-friendly process ensures quick and convenient access to employment opportunities under the NREGA scheme. The online form captures essential details, and once submitted, applicants become eligible for 100 days of work annually in their respective villages or towns.

This initiative by the government aims to empower rural citizens by providing accessible avenues for employment, thereby reducing the need for migration in search of work. Applying for the NREGA Job Card online is a simple step towards gaining meaningful employment within one’s community.

Information about NREGA job card list

 Name of the scheme  MNREGA scheme
 Was started  by Government of India
 Relevant departments  Rural Department Government Ministry
 Beneficiary  Urban and rural poor unemployed families across the country
 Year  2024
 List Viewing Process  Online
 Official website  Click Here

NREGA Job Card Purpose

The NREGA Job Card List serves several essential purposes in the effective implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). Firstly, it acts as a verification and inclusion tool, ensuring that eligible individuals are appropriately listed and verified for participation in the program, creating a reliable roster of workers entitled to the scheme’s benefits.

Transparency is another key function, as the list provides a publicly accessible record, fostering fairness and deterring corruption in the distribution of employment opportunities. The list facilitates easy access to information, allowing individuals to quickly verify their eligibility status for the 100 days of employment. Moreover, it aids in preventing duplicate entries, ensuring equitable resource distribution among the eligible workforce and maintaining program integrity.

Local authorities and government officials utilize the Job Card List for planning, administration, and resource allocation, while also holding them accountable for adhering to program guidelines. In essence, the NREGA Job Card List is a vital tool that contributes to transparency, accountability, and fairness in the successful execution of the NREGA program, ultimately ensuring that rural employment opportunities reach those who need them most.

NREGA Job Card New List 2024 Benefits

  1. Families included in the NREGA Job Card List are entitled to engage in 100 days of development work, specifically tailored for them at the Gram Panchayat level.
  2. This localized approach eliminates the need for them to seek employment elsewhere.
  3. The advantages of this list are exclusively extended each year to citizens meeting the eligibility criteria outlined by the Government of India.
  4. Participants receive wages exceeding ₹309 per day through the NREGA Job Card List. Importantly, this initiative benefits unemployed poor families across rural areas in all states of
  5. the country, thereby reaching citizens in rural regions nationwide.
    Beyond providing employment to eligible families, the scheme contributes to the economic fortification of Gram Panchayats, fostering local development and prosperity.

Work under the 2024 NREGA Job Card

  • Construction of housing
  • Irrigation projects
  • Tree planting
  • Cowshed development
  • Knot work
  • Navigation functions

NREGA Job card Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must be residents of rural areas and willing to work within their respective Gram Panchayats.
  2. Individuals applying for the job card should be adults, typically defined as 18 years of age or older.
  3. The job card is usually issued per household, so the applicant needs to be a part of a rural household.
  4. Generally, land-owning families are not eligible. The scheme is designed to benefit landless laborers and those with marginal landholdings.
  5. Applicants should express a willingness to undertake manual work provided under the NREGA scheme.
  6. Individuals need to submit a duly filled application form, which is usually available at the local Gram Panchayat office.

NREGA Job card Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Age certificate
  • I Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph

How to check your name on the NREGA Job Card List?

  • Visit the official website of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005.

NREGA Job Card 202

  • Navigate to the “Job Card” section under Reports on the homepage.
  • Choose your state from the list of all states displayed.

NREGA Job Card 2024

  • Access the MNREGA Gram Panchayat Module Report page.

NREGA Job Card 2024

  • Enter essential details like Financial Year, District, Block, and Panchayat.
  • Click on “Proceed” to generate the list of NREGA job card holders in your area.
  • Identify your name and click on the job card number (NREGA Card Number) next to it.

NREGA Job Card 2024

  • View your complete information on the opened job card.
  • Download and print the job card if desired.

NREGA Job Card 2024

  • This process ensures easy access to your NREGA job card details for personal reference.

How Do I Register for the NREGA Job Card 2024 Online?

  • Visit the official website of the NREGA scheme.
  • Open the homepage of the website.

NREGA Job Card 2024

  • Click on the “Data Entry” section.
  • Choose your state from the list of states displayed.
  • A registration page will appear; enter required details like financial year, district, block, tehsil, user ID, and password.
  • Fill in the captcha code provided and click the login button.
  • A new page will open; click on the “Registration & Job Card” option.
  • Access the application form and provide details such as the head of the household’s name, date of registration, family members’ count, age, gender, etc.
  • Click on the save button to submit the form.
  • Receive a unique registration number.
  • Upload a passport-sized photo of the household head on the form.
  • Save the uploaded photo to complete the registration process.

Helpline Number

Helpline number 1800111555/9454464999

NREGA Job Card 2024 FAQs

1.What is NREGA?
NREGA stands for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, a government scheme in India that guarantees 100 days of employment annually to rural citizens.

2.How can I register for an NREGA Job Card?
To register for an NREGA Job Card, visit the official NREGA website, go to the data entry section, select your state, and complete the registration form by providing details such as financial year, district, block, tehsil, user ID, and password.

3.What information is required during the registration process?
You will need to enter details like financial year, district, block, tehsil, user ID, password, the head of the household’s name, date of registration, family members’ count, age, gender, etc.

4.What happens after registration?
After registration, you will be given a unique registration number. You need to upload a passport-sized photo of the head of the household to complete the process.

5.How can I check the status of my NREGA Job Card application?
You can log in to the official NREGA website using your credentials, go to the “Registration & Job Card” section, and check the status of your application.

6.Is there an eligibility criterion for obtaining an NREGA Job Card?
Yes, eligibility criteria typically include being a resident of rural areas, adults (18 years or older), part of a landless or marginally landholding household, and a willingness to undertake manual work.

7.Can I download and print my NREGA Job Card?
Yes, after successfully registering and obtaining your job card, you can download and print it for your records.

8.How often should I renew my NREGA Job Card?
The NREGA Job Card is usually issued annually. It is advisable to check with local authorities for any specific renewal requirements.

9.What kind of work is available under NREGA?
Work under NREGA includes activities like housing construction, irrigation projects, tree planting, cowshed development, knot work, and various other development projects at the Gram Panchayat level.

10.Where can I find the official NREGA website?
You can access the official NREGA website by searching for “Mahatma Gandhi NREGA” or visiting the official government portal for NREGA.


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