Praja Palana Status 2024 Check Now, Link Activated Latest Update

Praja Palana Status Telangana residents can easily monitor the progress of their Praja Palana scheme status through a convenient online method. To access this information, applicants are required to possess their unique application number and associated mobile number. To check the Praja Palana Status online, simply navigate to the official website of the Telangana Government: Click Here. Once there, enter your application number for a hassle-free status update.

Praja Palana Application Status Check 2024

The Praja Palana Scheme, also called the Abhaya Hastham Scheme or TS 6 Guarantee Scheme, is like a community celebration. The government of Telangana is working hard to uplift its people, especially those struggling financially. The Praja Palana scheme brings hope and support to those who applied and are facing tough times, often living below the poverty line.

If you’re part of the 6 Guarantee program, it’s important to know the status of your application. Luckily, checking is a breeze! Just visit the official website at

This isn’t just a government initiative; it’s a helping hand for those who need it. So, if you’ve signed up, keep tabs on your application status on the easy-to-use official website. Stay connected to the positive changes coming your way through Praja Palana.

Praja Palana Status Check Overview 2024

 Name  Praja Palana Application Status
 Initiated by  Telangana Government
 State  Telangana
 Beneficiaries  Residents of Telangana state
 Application Form Submission Started  28th Dec 2023
 Application Form Submission Ended  06th Jan 2024
 Objective  To check the Praja Palana Status online
 Official Website  Click Here

Praja Palana Status Check Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates are required to be permanent residents of Telangana.
  2. Their annual income should fall within the range of 1 to 1.5 lakh.
  3. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify for participation in the scheme.
  4. These eligibility requirements ensure that the benefits of the Praja Palana Scheme are directed towards deserving individuals in the state.

How to Check the Online Status of Praja Palana in 2024?

Praja Palana Status 2024

  • Once on the homepage, look for the “Know your Application Status” link.
  • Click on the link, and it will take you to the “Know your Application Status” page.

Praja Palana Status 2024

  • On this page, provide your Application Number and click the “View Status” button.
  • Once you’ve clicked the button, the status of your application will appear on your screen.

Benefits for Praja Palana Status Check 2024

  1. The scheme may provide financial support to eligible individuals or families facing economic challenges.
  2. Access to healthcare facilities and medical assistance might be facilitated through the scheme.
  3. Educational assistance, including scholarships or support for school-related expenses, may be a part of the program.
  4. The scheme may offer support for livelihood enhancement, including skill development and employment opportunities.
  5. Initiatives to ensure social security, especially for vulnerable sections of society, might be included.
  6. Support for housing needs, such as construction or improvement of dwellings, might be considered.
  7. Measures to address food security, such as ration cards or subsidized food items, could be part of the program.
  8. Special provisions for the welfare of women and children, including health and education initiatives, may be incorporated.

Praja Palana Scheme Status Details Mentioned

  • Applicant Details
  • Eligibility Information
  • Scheme Details
  • Applicant’s Contact details
  • Applicant’s Income details
  • Date of the issue of the ration card
  • Whether the ration card will be issued or not
  • Ineligibility Reasons

Praja Palana Scheme Status FAQs

1.What is Praja Palana Yojana?
Praja Palana Yojana is a welfare scheme in Telangana aimed at improving the well-being of eligible citizens through various benefits and initiatives.

2.Who is eligible for Praja Palana Yojana?
Eligibility criteria typically include factors such as residency in Telangana, income level, and socio-economic status. Detailed eligibility can be checked on the official website.

3.What benefits does Praja Palana Yojana offer?
The scheme may provide financial assistance, healthcare benefits, educational support, livelihood assistance, and other measures for the welfare of eligible individuals.

4.How can I check my Praja Palana application status?
Visit the official website (, click on the “Know your Application Status” link, enter your Application Number, and click “View Status.”

5.Do I need to register separately for other schemes if I am enrolled in Praja Palana Yojana?
No, individuals enrolled in Praja Palana Yojana automatically gain access to the benefits of other associated schemes. There’s no need for separate registrations.

6.Can I apply for Praja Palana Yojana online?
Yes, the application process is online. Applicants can visit the official website to submit their application forms without having to visit government offices.

7.Are there any age restrictions for Praja Palana Yojana?
Typically, applicants need to be above 18 years old. However, specific age requirements can be verified in the official guidelines.

8.How often can I check my application status?
You can check your Praja Palana application status as needed. The official website provides a convenient platform for regular updates.


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