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Sanchalan Portal Yojana: The Scheme Operation Portal Login for the new session 2023–24 is now up and running smoothly, providing an enhanced user experience. You can conveniently access and download a comprehensive and user-friendly report of all the bills that were generated in the preceding financial year, 2022–23.

Sanchalan Portal Yojana

This invaluable feature not only offers convenience but also facilitates better record-keeping, streamlining your financial analysis process, and making it more efficient. Feel free to explore this upgraded portal to harness its full potential and take control of your financial data.

Sanchalan Portal Yojana

The ongoing integration process for these agencies is a pivotal step towards achieving a higher degree of financial efficiency and transparency. Through this meticulous integration with PFMS (Public Financial Management System) and SNA (System for National Accounts), agencies will benefit from a seamless fusion of their financial operations into a cohesive framework.

Upon successful integration, these agencies will be allocated a pre-determined virtual limit for payment processing. This proactive approach ensures the financial workflow is well-organized, reducing bottlenecks and expediting transactions.

With this newfound autonomy, agencies will be able to efficiently allocate bills, making the allocation process not only quicker but also more precise. This empowerment plays a crucial role in maintaining the utmost accuracy and transparency in their financial transactions, instilling trust in stakeholders and partners.

All these operations will take place within the fortified and fully powered SNA platform, equipped with cutting-edge technology and robust features. The enhanced capabilities of the SNA platform will significantly contribute to the agencies’ overall financial management, fostering a more productive and streamlined approach to handling their financial responsibilities.

This comprehensive integration initiative holds the promise of becoming a genuine game-changer, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accountability in financial operations for these agencies. It paves the way for smoother, more transparent, and ultimately more productive financial management practices, benefitting all stakeholders involved.

Sanchalan Portal Yojana Login

Good news, everyone! You can now easily handle your bill-related tasks using the SNA portal, just like you’ve been doing all along.

Sanchalan Portal Yojana

To log in, you have two options: use your existing user ID and password, or opt for the added security of OTP (One-Time Password) authentication. This fantastic feature was introduced in April 2023, and it comes with multiple advantages for our users.

One significant perk of this feature is that it’s a reliable solution for users who may have forgotten their password or encountered password expiration issues when trying to access the Scheme Operation Portal. It streamlines the re-login process, ensuring you can quickly regain access to your crucial tasks.

To fully utilize the “Plan Operation Portal Login Resume” feature, it’s important to have your email address and mobile number registered in the portal. Once that’s set up, follow these straightforward steps to ensure a seamless login process.

Yojana Sanchalan: Agency

Here’s the simplified version:

Agencies are getting seamlessly connected with PFMS (Public Financial Management System) and SNA (System for National Accounts). They’ll receive a set virtual payment limit for easy handling of future payments.

These agencies will also be able to manage bills and do thorough verifications at their own operational levels using the user-friendly SNA platform. SNA will fully operate this platform, ensuring a smooth and advanced environment for financial tasks.

This integration is all about boosting financial efficiency and transparency, giving agencies more control and accountability in managing their finances. It’s a big step forward in making financial operations more effective for everyone involved.

Yojana Sanchalan: Component

Components are just different payment types managed by the SNA platform. SNA processes payments based on their categories and their connection to the IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System) and associated PFMS codes.

These payments are handled systematically, each type organized separately. This method guarantees precise payments in line with specific financial codes and categories, making the financial process more efficient and transparent.

Yojana Sanchalan: Scheme

The government designs schemes to help citizens with their social welfare needs. These schemes are vital for addressing the big social and economic challenges we face. The government is now working to make all payments digital and paper-free.

This not only simplifies how things are managed but also keeps up with the latest technology, which is good for both the government and the people it serves.

Yojana Sanchalan: SNA

Think of SNA (Single Nodal Account) as an easy-to-use online payment platform that links government schemes with implementing agencies connected to PFMS (Public Financial Management System). SNA takes care of everything to make sure things go smoothly.

In this setup, agencies get their own bank accounts, which are connected to IFMS. SNA comes in and sets virtual spending limits for agencies, be it daily, weekly, or quarterly.

These limits decide how much money agencies can use for future scheme payments, making the payment process smoother and giving them better control over their finances.

Sanchalan Portal Yojana: Componenet List

  1 ओलम्पिक ग्राण्ट (291)  Program Management(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  MMER
  2  टीएलएम (समावेशित शिक्षा)  Inclusive Education ((Recurring)  Purchase/Development of instructional & Training materials
  3 स्पोर्टस ग्राण्ट (मा.शि.)Sports and Physical Education (upto Highest Class XII)(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  Sports & Physical Education (Secondary)
  4  स्पोर्टस ग्राण्ट (प्रा.शि.)  Sports and Physical Education (Elementary)(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  Sports & Physical Education (Elementary)
  5  कम्पोजिट ग्राण्ट (मा.शि.)  Composite School Grant(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  CSG-SEC
  6  कम्पोजिट ग्राण्ट (मा.शि.)  Composite School Grant (Elementary)(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  CSG-ELE
  7ओलम्पिक ग्राण्ट (62)  Program Management(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  MMER
  8व्यावसायिक शिक्षाQuality Components (Secondary and Sr. Secondary)(SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  Exposure to Vocational Education (Class 6 – 8)
  9 किशोरी शैक्षिक मेला (प्रा.शि.)  Special Projects for Equity  Adolescent Programme for Girls (El
  10  किशोरी शैक्षिक मेला (मा.शि.)  Special Projects for Equity  Adolescent Programme for Girls (Se
  11सुरक्षित विद्यालय वातावरण निर्माण (प्रा. शि.)  Quality Components (SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  Fund for Safety and Security at School Level ((Elementary)
  12सुरक्षित विद्यालय वातावरण निर्माण (मा. शि.)  Quality Components (SAMAGRA SHIKSHA)  Fund for Safety and Security at School Level (Secondary)

About Rajasthan Yojana Sanchalan Portal

  • Agency: The agencies will have their PFMS and SNA mapped, and they will have a virtual payment ceiling to make additional payments. They will divide up the bills and independently check on the SNA platform, which will be run entirely by the SNA.
  • Component: In essence, components are the kind of payments that will be obtained via the SNA. Here, SNA will manage the payment procedure in accordance with the elements and classifications that are mapped to the PFMS code and IFMS. For the particular component and category, the payment will be processed head-to-head.
  • Scheme: The government organizes and manages programs designed to ensure the social welfare of its population. Plans are essential for resolving the socioeconomic issues that plague our society the most. This is where the government steps in to handle all cashless and paperless payments.
  • SNA: SNA (Single Nodal Account) is an online payment integration platform that connects implementing agencies that are mapped to the PFMS system with government schemes. The SNA will handle every aspect of this process. The designated banks that will be mapped with the IFMS will open an agency account. SNA will set up a virtual limit for the agencies (daily, weekly, or quarterly) that will allow the agencies to receive the payment amount for additional scheme payments.

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Sanchalan Portal Yojana

Sanchalan Portal Yojana: New possibilities

The Scheme Operation Portal plays a crucial role in making government and semi-government schemes easy for citizens to access. It’s a valuable resource, offering clear and comprehensive information about all available schemes, ensuring that people can understand and take advantage of the opportunities.

Additionally, the portal simplifies the application process, making it user-friendly. This simplification reduces obstacles for citizens when applying for schemes, leading to more efficient use of government programs. This, in turn, contributes to positive changes in the country’s social and economic development. The portal serves as a tool for progress and empowerment, benefiting both the government and its citizens.

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