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Free Boring Scheme: As you are all aware, farmers frequently experience difficulties with irrigation. Farmers are unable to adequately irrigate their crops because they lack boring facilities. Free Boring Scheme was introduced by the Uttar Pradesh government with this in mind.

Free Boring Scheme

Farmers’ fields will be bored as part of the free boring program. Through this essay, we will give you all the pertinent details about this program today. such as its function, advantages, characteristics, eligibility, crucial papers, application procedure, etc. Friends, please read our essay all the way through if you wish to benefit from the UP Free Boring Scheme.

Free Boring Scheme

The Uttar Pradesh government introduced the UP Free Boring Scheme in 1985 to offer boring services to the state’s small and marginal farmers. The UP Nishulk Boring Yojana would offer small and marginal farmers from scheduled castes and tribes as well as general castes the opportunity to bore for irrigation. The farmer may also apply for a bank loan to set up a pump set for boring.

The benefit of this scheme will be provided to general category small and marginal farmers only if they have a minimum land holding limit of 0.2 hectare. General category farmers with land holding less than 0.2 hectare will not be provided the benefit of this scheme. If farmers have less than 0.2 hectare land holding then they can avail the benefits of this scheme by forming groups of farmers.

No minimum land holding limit has been set for small and marginal farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes. In the plateau areas of the state, where it is not possible to do boring with hand boring set, permission will be given to do boring with inwell or wagon drill machine. In this situation, the grant will be given to the farmers only up to the permissible limit. The burden of additional income and expenditure will be borne by the farmer himself. Click for information related to UP FPO Shakti Portal

Free Boring Scheme Objective

The main objective of Free Boring Scheme is to provide free boring facility to the farmers of the state. So that the farmers of the state can irrigate. This scheme will also prove effective in increasing the quality of farms. The standard of living of farmers will also improve through this scheme. Apart from this, this scheme will also prove effective in increasing the income of farmers.

The government will provide free boring facility to the farmers through this scheme. So that farmers will be able to irrigate their fields. Farmers of the state will also get relief from the problem of not doing irrigation due to lack of water.

Free Boring Scheme Details

Yojana Free Boring Scheme
who started Government of Uttar Pradesh
beneficiary farmers of uttar pradesh
Objective Providing free boring facility
official website
Year 2023
State UP
Application Type online/offline

Free Boring Scheme Benefits and features

  • In 1985, UP Nishulk Boring Yojana was launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide boring facilities to small and marginal farmers of the state.
  • Through this scheme, boring facility for irrigation will be provided to small and marginal farmers of general caste, scheduled caste and tribe.
  • The farmer can also obtain loan from the bank to arrange pump set for boring.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided to general category small and marginal farmers only if they have a minimum land holding limit of 0.2 hectare.
  • General category farmers with land holding less than 0.2 hectare will not be provided the benefit of this scheme.
  • If farmers have less than 0.2 hectare land holding then the benefit of this scheme can be availed by the farmers by forming a group.

Grants allowed under Free Boring Scheme

Category Of Farmer Admissible Grant Admissible Grant
  For boring construction For pump set installation
General Category small farmers अधिकतम ₹3000 प्रति बोरिंग Unit cost 25% of ₹11300 maximum ₹2800 per pump set
General Category marginal farmers Maximum ₹4000 per boring Unit cost 33% of ₹11300 maximum ₹3750 per pump set
Small/Marginal Farmers of Scheduled Caste/Tribe Maximum ₹6000 per boring Unit cost 50% of ₹11300 maximum ₹5650 per pump set

Note: The amount of the additional grant will be covered by the Bundelkhand Development Block Fund. Development block-specific grants for the construction of boring in designated development blocks in notable districts of Bundelkhand will be admissible based on the actual expenditure or 4500 to 7000, whichever is less. In addition, if the cost of boring goes beyond the limit set for general farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes, the additional cost will be borne by the affected recipient themselves in accordance with standard practice.

Determination of targets under Free Boring Scheme

  • With the aid of the finances made available by the government, the goal will be accomplished annually at the district level.
  • With the approval of the Village Water Resources Committee as stated above, the Gram Panchayat will choose the beneficiaries who make up more than 25% of the target.
  • The Area Panchayat will choose the Gram Panchayat’s objectives.
  • The Development Officer will be given the list of chosen beneficiaries.

Arrangement of Material Under Nishulk Boring Yojana

  • PVC pipes will be used under this scheme.
  • MS pipes will be used only in areas where PVC pipes cannot be used due to hydrogeological conditions.
  • The District Magistrate will appoint a committee, through which the prices of PVC pipes and other items will be decided in order to approve the grant.
  • After receiving approval from the relevant Superintending Engineer, Minor Irrigation Circle of the indicated locations, SM pipe will be deployed in such districts.
  • The farmers will make arrangements for PVC pipes and other materials for boring utilizing PVC pipes.

Implementation of Free Boring Scheme

It will be decided by a committee whether to grant the Free Boring Yojana. whose district magistrate will serve as chairman. The District Magistrate will nominate two more officers in addition to the Chief Development Officer, Executive Engineer, Executive Engineer (Tube Well Section Irrigation Department), and Executive Engineer. This committee will ok grants made under this program. In addition to this, the prices of other materials will be decided. The departmental boring technician will perform the boring work for the junior engineer.

The instructions and financial guidelines provided under this system will be adhered to, despite being tedious. A boring work completion certificate will be created once the tedious process has been completed. This will bear the signatures of the beneficiary, a dull technician, a junior engineer who is concerned, and the head of the gram panchayat. The Junior Engineer will post a list of prior borings on the Gram Panchayat’s notice board and in a visible location. Additionally, this list will be discussed at the Area Panchayat meeting.

Priorities and restrictions of Free Boring Scheme

  • When boring is being done, consideration will be given to whether or not the region is used for agricultural.
  • Development blocks in the semi-critical category will only be chosen within the NABARD-approved parameters.
  • Overexploited/critical development blocks won’t be used for work.
  • Regarding boring, attention will be made to ensure that the envisioned pump set can irrigate around 3 hectares of farmland.
  • Instead of dull, farming must be present.
  • The distance between pump sets must not be shorter than what NABARD has determined as the minimum for a given district.

Pumpset installation and grant approval

  • For all types of farmers, the obligation to get a bank loan before placing pumpsets on boring has been eliminated.
  • The farmer may borrow money from the bank if he so chooses.
  • Following the award, the Minor Irrigation Department will get farmer-specific monthly data from the Samayojana in the format required by the bank.
  • Only after receiving an adjustment for the advance grant amount that was previously supplied will the amount of the subsequent installment of grant be given to the bank.
  • The Gram Panchayat Development authority or other authority who drafts the letter will get information regarding the installation of the pump that the farmer erected. Within one month of the loan’s distribution, this information will be made available.
  • The farmer is unable to sell the pump set until the debt has been paid off in full.
  • In less than two months, the departmental officer will verify the pump set.

Quality Control and Physical Verification

  • The annual milestones established must be achieved in a timely way for the plan to be implemented successfully.
  • In addition, a high standard of quality shall be upheld.
  • Verification, research, and inspection activities will be done at several levels to preserve the scheme’s quality.
  • The Superintending Engineer will carry out the verification procedure and submit the verification report to the headquarters along with his evaluations of each department.
  • The Gram Panchayat’s Water Resources Committee will be used to verify the construction projects built under this scheme.
  • This information will be given to the village chief and the water resources committee after boring is finished.
  • All completed borings in the affected village will be verified on-site by the departmental officer.

General instructions of Free Boring Scheme

  • A copy of the model estimate will be given to the block development officer and the farmers who will benefit.
  • The Minor Irrigation Department will post information about all of this scheme’s provisions in each Gram Panchayat and Area Panchayat.
  • A modest program will also be prepared on the day that boring begins in which the beneficiaries, village
  • Plans will be made to notify the Chairman of the Agricultural Village Head Water Resources Committee before the tedious work begins.
  • The responsibility of the Chief Development Officer at the district level and the Block Development Officer at the Area Panchayat level is to complete all the prescribed processes up to the level of selection of beneficiaries and sanctioning of loans to the farmers willing to take loans.

Process to Apply Under Free Boring Scheme

  • You must first visit the Minor Irrigation Department of Uttar Pradesh’s official website.

Free Boring Scheme

  • Your current screen will now display the home page.
  • You must select the Schemes option from the main page.

Free Boring Scheme

  • After this you will have to click on the option of application form.

Free Boring Scheme

  • The online application form will now open in PDF format in front of you.
  • You now need to print it out.
  • Your name, mobile number, email address, and other pertinent information will then need to be entered into the application form.
  • You must now add any necessary supporting documentation to this application.
  • You must then deliver this application to the nearby minor irrigation department.
  • You would be able to apply for the Free Boring Scheme in this manner.

Contact Details

  • Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation Department, Jawahar Bhawan, 3rd Floor, North Wing, Lucknow, 226001
  • phone number: 2286627 / 2286601 / 2286670
  • fax: 2286932
  • E-mail:


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