Guarantee Government Scheme For MSME Apply Online (2023)

Guarantee Government Scheme For MSME Apply Online: Credit markets for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are characterized by market failures and imperfections. To encourage the flow of institutional credit to Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs), the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), the Government of India, and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) together established the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE).

Guarantee Government Scheme

The Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) was introduced to improve the way that credit is delivered, to make it easier for credit to reach the MSE sector, to give impoverished and unserved people access to capital, and to increase the availability of capital from traditional lenders to new generations of business owners. The CGTMSE has been crucial in helping qualifying Member Lending Institutions [MLIs] offer credit facilities without third party guarantees and/or collateral to MSEs over the past 22 years.

Guarantee Government Scheme

The modification in CGTMSE’s emblem marks the start of the organization’s transformation…The new design, which features a “colorful flying bird,” represents providing wings to the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of young people in this wonderful nation who have bankable business ideas but lack collateral security and/or third party guarantees to access loans from formal sources… Here, CGTMSE gives a helping hand by giving a guarantee so they can access loans and start successful micro and small businesses.

As a result, they will no longer be job seekers but rather employers who make a real difference in the development of the country. The CGTMSE has reached a new milestone by accepting guarantees of Rs. 1 lakh crore in the fiscal year 2022–2023. This financial success is the result of several important initiatives that were carried out throughout the fiscal year.


To the first generation of entrepreneurs, the availability of bank loans without the hassles of collateral or third party guarantees would be a vital source of help in realizing their dream of founding a Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) unit. In order to strengthen the credit delivery system and facilitate the flow of credit to the MSE sector, the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, launched the Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) with this goal in mind.

The Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) was established by the Indian government and SIDBI in order to implement the program.

(including Trading activity)
Maximum extent of Guarantee Coverage
where guaranteed credit facility is
Upto  ₹ 5 lakh Above   5 lakh & upto   50 lakh Above   50 lakh & upto  500 lakh
Micro Enterprises 85% 75% 75%
MSEs located in North East Region (incl. Sikkim, UT of Jammu & Kashmir and UT of Ladakh) 80%
Women entrepreneurs / SC/ST entrepreneurs / MSEs situated in Aspirational District / ZED certified MSEs / Person with Disability (PwD) / MSE promoted by Agniveers 85%
All other category of borrowers 75%

As soon as the credit facilities are approved, the lender should pay for them. When working capital facilities alone are provided to borrowers, the guarantee will begin on the date the guarantee fee is paid and continue for the duration of the term credit, or for such longer period as the Guarantee Trust may specify in this regard, up to 5 years in the case of term loans or composite loans.

Legal and regulatory framework

1. Establish the CGS as an independent legal entity.

2. Provide adequate funding and keep sources transparent.

3. Promote mixed ownership and treat minority shareholders fairly.

4. Supervise the CGS independently and effectively.

Corporate governance and risk management

5. Clearly define the CGS mandate.

6. Set a sound corporate governance structure with an independent board of directors.

7. Design a sound internal control framework to safeguard the operational integrity.

8. Adopt an effective and comprehensive enterprise risk management framework.

Operational framework

9. Clearly define eligibility and qualification criteria for SMEs, lenders, and credit instruments.

10. Ensure the guarantee delivery approach balances outreach, additionality, and financial sustainability.

11. Issue partial guarantees that comply with prudential regulation and provide capital relief to lenders.

12. Set a transparent and consistent risk-based pricing policy.

13. Design an efficient, clearly documented, and transparent claim management process.

Monitoring and evaluation

14. Set rigorous financial reporting requirements and externally audit financial statements

15. Publicly disclose non-financial information periodically.

16. Systematically evaluate the CGS’ performance and publicly disclose the findings.

Guarantee Government Scheme (FAQ’s)

What is the meaning of guarantee scheme?

Any method, such as a guarantee scheme, that allows for the provision of guarantees to businesses that meet particular requirements for their type, size, underlying transaction, duration, and amount, without the need for additional implementing measures;

What is the Government guarantee scheme 2023?

In Union Budget 2023-24, Union Finance Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman announced the revamping of Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises with effect from 01.04. 2023, with an infusion of Rs 9,000 crore to the corpus to enable additional collateral-free guaranteed credit of Rs.

What is the MSME guarantee scheme?

The guarantee cover provided is up to 75% of the credit facility up to Rs.50 lakh (85% for loans up to Rs. 5 lakh provided to micro enterprises, 80% for MSEs owned/ operated by women and all loans to NER) with a uniform guarantee at 50% of the credit exposure above Rs.50 lakh and up to Rs.100 lakh.

What is the guarantee fee?

The guarantee fee (g-fee), covers projected credit losses from borrower defaults over the life of the loans, administrative costs, and a return on capital.

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