Haryana Jamabandi Nakal, Jamabandi Portal Online 2024

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Farmers of Haryana can now check and download the Jamabandi copy of their land online. Earlier, for Jamabandi Nakal one had to make rounds of Patwari in Tehsil, but now along with Jamabandi Fard Nakal copy, Nakal Verified Copy with Signature can also be downloaded online from the official website of Haryana Land Records jamabandi.nic.in.

Online Jamabandi copy can be searched by owner name, Khewat number or Khasra Khatauni number. In this article, we will tell you the complete process of downloading Jamabandi copy and land title online in simple language along with photos.

The objective of the government behind creating Jamabandi Portal is to digitize the documents related to land, plot and other property. On this portal, along with Jamabandi, residents of the state can also get information related to registry services like Stamp Duty, Deed Registration, Property Registration online.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal 2024

The Haryana government has launched a platform where you can verify the Fard, Jamabandi copy of your land online. You can also download the verified Jamabandi copy, which is fully genuine, so you won’t need to go to the Patwari office. It won’t be necessary. You may now obtain the Jamabandi confirmed copy online, just like you used to acquire the verified copy from the Patwari in the past. Online access to “Khata Khatauni” and other material is available to state residents.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Overview 2024

Portal Name  Haryana Jamabandi Nakal
Department  Revenue Department
Citizens  Citizens of the state
Objective  To provide convenience to people sitting at home
Turn to View Land Records  Online/Offline
Year  2024
Official website  Click Here

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Objective

Under the Digital India campaign, the state of Haryana has also integrated all the land related information of its state. Haryana is an agricultural state, agriculture provides the largest share of revenue to the people and the government. The government has created many new schemes for agriculture by keeping land related information like Apna Khata, Khasra, Khatauni, Jamabandi Nakal etc. in an organized form.

And the government is working in this. Apart from this, it has provided the facility to farmers and common people to view all the information related to land purchase and sale at one place. Through Haryana Land Records portal, you will be able to get all the details of the land by entering the account number without going to the government office.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Benefits

  • All citizens of the state can avail the benefit of this online facility.
  • After the launch of this Haryana Jamabandi Nakal portal, people will no longer have to make rounds of their family homes.
  • With this scheme going online in the state of Haryana, black marketing will reduce.
  • In Haryana Apna Khaata, people can see their land map online by entering their Khasra number or Haryana Jamabandi copy number.
  • With land documents, people can get loan from any bank in the state.

Types of land Record Documents

  • Red Book(लाल किताब)

There is a lot of information related to land in Lal Kitab, such as information related to crops, location of soil, transfer of soil, classification of soil, area under crops, use of land, means of irrigation in rural areas, all the information is available in Lal Kitab.

  • Mutation Register(म्यूटेशन रजिस्टर)

Mutation registered means a change in the ownership of the land. In the mutation, all the details related to farm jamabandi are given.

  • Jamabandi Haryana(जमाबंदी)

In Jamabandi, the officer keeps information related to land and up to date rights of land.

  • Latha(लाथा)

Latha is also known as Shajra. It is kept with the Patwari. It is a copy of Shajra on a cloth called Latha. It contains survey number and some field of dimensions.

  • Rainfall Register(रेनफॉल रजिस्टर)

Information related to rainfall is given in the Rainfall register.

  • Current price register(करंट प्राइस रजिस्टर)

The current price of food items is mentioned.

  • Muntakhib(मुंतखिब)

It contains complete information about the farm and also includes the rent amount.

  • Journal(रोजनामचा)

It is kept under the executive orders issued from time to time by Patwari and also contains information about everyday incidents.

  • Shajarwa Kishtwara(शाजरवा किश्तवारा)

It contains the map of the fields and complete information about the fields like Khasra number.

  • Khasra Girdawari(खसरा गिरदावरी)

There is a register of crop inspection. In this, Patwari inspects the harvesting of crops in the months of March and October.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Online Process

  • First of all you have to visit its official website to withdraw Haryana Jamabandi Nakal.

  • After which the homepage of the website will open in front of you.
  • Where you will see the option of Jamabandi Nakal Haryana. You will have to click on it.

  • After that a new page will open in front of you.
  • If you want to copy Jamabandi through your owner, then you will have to click on the option of By Owner.
  • After that, some information will have to be entered on the next page like District, Tehsil, Village, Jamabandi Year will have to be selected and entered.

  • After that you have to select by clicking on Select Malik below.
  • After that you will be asked for some information related to the land. Like in whose name the land is and information related to the area.
  • After which all the details related to your land will be revealed to you.
  • Which you can download through online medium.

How is mutation status checked?

  • First of all go to the official website of Jamabandi Haryana Online.
  • Click on Mutation on the home page.
  • Options will open, click on Check Mutation Status.
  • You have to select some information on the next page. Like – Select the name of the district and tehsil.
  • After that you have to fill the registry number and register date. After that click on the search button.
  • And then after that the status of mutation will be clearly visible to you on the next page.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal FAQs

1.What services can be availed from the Jamabandi portal?

From Jamabandi website, people can get information about their property registration, Jamabandi copy, collector rate, mutation, cadastral map, court cases.

2.What is the time limit for registering documents?

All documents except a will are required to be registered under Section 23 of the Registration Act, 1908 within four months from the date of execution.

3.What is mutation register?

It contains information about all the changes in the ownership of land, it helps in correcting all the information related to Jamabandi Khevat.

4.What details are included in Jamabandi?

Information about Khatauni, Patti, details of land owner, Khevat, details of farmer, source of irrigation, Khasra number, type of land, etc. is collected in Jamabandi.

5.How is Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Portal beneficial for farmers?

Farmers of the state can download Haryana Jamabandi copy online sitting at home with the help of this online portal.

6.By whom has jamabandi.nic.in portal been launched?

Haryana State Government and Revenue Department have launched jamabandi.nic.in portal, the purpose of which is to make the details related to land simple and easy.

7.How to watch Nakal Jamabandi Haryana online?

To watch Nakal Jamabandi Haryana online, you will have to go to the official website.


Haryana Jamabandi Nakal land records are a vital component of property ownership, serving to establish, verify, and document various aspects related to land. The diverse types of land record documents, ranging from Title Deeds to Mutation Registers and Encumbrance Certificates, collectively provide a comprehensive overview of a property’s ownership, history, and legal status. These records play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, legal validity, and smooth property transactions.

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