How To Make Google Search Powerful With The Help Of AI?

Google I/O event was held late night Indian time on 14th May 2024 in which full emphasis was given on AI. Giving information, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that currently millions of people are using Gemini AI all over the world. Although many announcements related to AI were made in it, the most important of which was that now users will be able to use Gemini app in Android phones, apart from this many other features have also been added in it like using Gemini instead of third party for scanning PDF. With the help you will be able to scan the phone.

How to start AI overviews?

To enable AI Overview, first you have to go to Make sure that you login to your Google account. Once enabled, this feature will start appearing in Google Search on all your devices.  When enabled, as soon as you search anything in Google, you will get other information along with the results. This feature will currently work only in some web browsers, Google apps and Chrome desktop. Now you will use Google app, Chrome desktop, web browser with your primary mail ID and AI overview will work in it. AI Overview will not be disabled automatically unless you disable it.


Talking about the content of AI Overviews, it includes brief points of the search topic, links to related articles and videos. According to Google, “Generative AI is currently at the experimental stage. Its quality and availability varies. The company also says that the results of this feature are continuously improving. We are constantly improving it based on users’ experiences and reviews. Google’s AI Overviews feature will be linked to Gemini AI.


Whatever article or video you search in Google, AI overview will give you a short description with audio option. Google says that the interaction and experience with people may also be included in the Google Overview experience, with the help of which its quality and results can be further improved. The AI ​​overview page will also provide links to the source website, i.e., the website from where the AI ​​has collected the information. If you feel the suggested information is not correct, then searching again will give you another result. Let us tell you that the facility of Generative AI is currently made available as an experiment.



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