India’s Desire For Sovereign AI

India’s efforts to create its own AI playbook and ambition to make a significant impact on artificial intelligence have caught the attention of Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies. The billionaire CEO behind one of the world’s largest IT companies and a major PC vendor says India’s strong economy, availability of tech talent and desire to be a  “India has the talent and is a great resource for Dell and many other companies, but the sovereign AI is wanting,” he said at a round table during the Dell Technologies World event held in Las Vegas.

Michael Dell acknowledges India’s desire

On the global stage, New Delhi has positioned itself to be a leader in artificial intelligence, aiming not only to compete with generative AI models created by big tech, but also to build its own AI ecosystem. However, this requires building AI computer infrastructure from scratch as well as developing AI talent and developing and deploying indigenous large language models.

Sovereign AI, as envisioned by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, goes beyond mere algorithmic capabilities; This marks a significant shift in power dynamics, giving nations the ability to gain autonomy in generative AI. According to Huang, AI has the potential to not only change our lifestyle but also redefine the essence and conduct of different countries.

The Union Cabinet recently approved Rs. 10,371.92 crore approved the national level India Artificial Intelligence Mission with a budget outlay of Rs 10,371.92 crore, which opens the door to building AI computer infrastructure and fostering local AI ecosystems through public-private partnerships.

At the Vegas event

India has joined Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Germany and the UAE, among others, in a global race to shape the future of AI technology. Interest in AI has surged since the November 2022 release of ChatGPT, a massive language model developed by Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI. With stiff competition from Silicon Valley giants and AI nationalism at its peak, Indian startups are now developing their own models.

It launched AI Factory with Nvidia to accelerate enterprise AI integration. As Dell and Nvidia describe it, an AI factory is an intelligent bundle of components needed to implement AI solutions quickly and seamlessly.

“We’re moving from computation to cognition and entering the era of AI,” Dale said to a hall full of participants, “It took years to power buildings, and the automated way to run errands is just a few years away.


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