ICMR Shares Guidelines For Healthy Eating

ICMR has recently shared new guidelines regarding diet. According to ICMR, 56.45% of diseases in India are caused by wrong and unhealthy food habits. The guidelines state that total fat intake should be less than or equal to 30 percent of energy. Also requested not to take protein supplements for bodybuilding. Let us know the new guidelines. In today’s fast-paced life, people do not even have time to pay attention to their health. Be it good eating habits or workout, people have forgotten to take care of their body due to their busy lives. In such a situation, ICMR has issued revised diet guidelines for Indians. In these, it is advised to avoid protein supplements.

ICMR shared diet guidelines

Hyderabad-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has released ‘Diet Guidelines for Indians (DGI)’ to meet essential nutrient requirements and prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The DGI has been drafted by a committee of experts led by Dr. Hemlatha RK, Director, ICMR-NIN and has gone through multiple scientific reviews. There are 17 guidelines listed in it.

Ban on consumption of protein powder

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) emphasises avoiding protein supplements for bodybuilding and recommends limiting salt intake, reducing sugar and processed foods, and reading information on food labels to create a healthy diet. Is of. In the DGI, NIN said that taking protein powder in large amounts over a long period of time or taking high protein concentrations increases the risk of bone mineral loss and kidney failure.

It is necessary to take only 30% fat

It also says that sugar in the diet should be less than 5 percent of the total energy intake and a balanced diet should not contain more than 45 percent of calories from cereals and millets and 15 percent of calories from pulses, beans and meat. Include the remaining calories in your diet from nuts, vegetables, fruits and milk. The guidelines state that total fat intake should be less than or equal to 30 percent of energy.

Eating too many grains causes amino acid deficiency

The guidelines state that due to limited availability and high cost of pulses and meat, a significant portion of the Indian population is highly dependent on cereals, leading to low intake of essential macronutrients (amino acids and essential fatty acids) and micronutrients. It happens. Estimates show that 56.4 percent of total diseases in India are the result of poor diet.

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