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Reo Purgyil: Reo Purgyil, in the south Zanskar range, is a tough nut to crack with only three successful summit climbs in the last 50 years. Known for its extreme technical challenges and steep terrain, a mix of big boulders and snow make it a rarely attempted mountain.

Reo Purgyil

In the last decade, only two expeditions took on the challenge, both falling short of reaching the top. This scarcity of successful climbs highlights Reo Purgyil’s reputation as a tough and rarely conquered peak in the world of mountaineering.

Reo Purgyil

Mountaineers from the National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (NIMAS), located in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, have accomplished an impressive feat by scaling the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh, Mount Reo Purgyil.

Reo Purgyil

This towering peak reaches 6819 meters in the Kinnaur region. The success of this endeavor underscores the skill and determination of the NIMAS mountaineers, showcasing their ability to conquer challenging summits in the pursuit of adventure and exploration.

Located in the southern Zanskar range, Reo Purgyil is a challenging peak with only three successful summit climbs in the last five decades. The limited achievements are due to the mountain’s reputation for extreme technical challenges and a rugged gradient, featuring a mix of significant boulders and snow-covered terrain.

Mountaineers infrequently attempt Reo Purgyil due to these formidable obstacles, contributing to its mystique as a rarely conquered and challenging peak in the world of mountaineering.

Something about Reo Purgyil’s peak

Nestled near the India-China border, Reo Purgyil is a captivating peak in a remote part of India. Despite its formidable nature, it has gained recognition as a significant trekking destination, attracting enthusiasts eager to explore its unique terrain.

With its sharp and distinctive shape adorned with numerous rock towers, Reo Purgyil stands tall on both sides, covered in snow throughout the year, enhancing its allure. Many adventurers have embarked on the challenging journey to conquer this peak, yet success has eluded most, underscoring its reputation for difficulty.

The trek to Reo Purgyil concludes at Nako village, marking the final road on this challenging route. The remoteness, unique beauty, and testing ascent make Reo Purgyil not just a mountain but a coveted destination for those seeking the thrill of a challenging trek in a pristine, high-altitude landscape.

Reo Purgyil: Weather

Reo Purygil peak, near the India-China border, faces harsh weather for a significant part of the year, often covered in snow.

Reo Purgyil Weather

This adds an extra challenge to reaching this remote location, making climbing Reo Purygil a tough task, especially given the limited information about the mountain.

Despite these challenges, trekkers are drawn to the excitement of conquering this peak, embracing the difficulties along the way. The lack of detailed information about the terrain adds an adventurous and unpredictable element to the ascent.

The weather becomes more severe at night, with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius. Proper thermal wear is essential for trekkers on the journey to Reo Purygil to withstand the freezing conditions. Moreover, the altitude presents a challenge with low oxygen levels at the peak.

Carrying an ample supply of oxygen cylinders is crucial for a safe ascent and descent from this challenging and pristine high-altitude landscape.

How to visit Reo Purgyil?

Our expedition to Reo Purgyil will start from Shimla. It is a long trekking trail of 8 days starting from Shimla. Look at the full itinerary of Reo Purgyil in the below section:

Reo Purgyil: Climbing

  • 1st official ascent (1971) by ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police)
  • 2nd ascent (1991) by E. Theophilus and team
  • 2018 ascent by Rajsekhar Maity and a Bengali team 
  • 2022 ascent by 12 members of ITBP led by Deputy Commandant Kuldeep Singh and the Deputy Leader was Deputy Commandant Dharmendra. Reportedly the only successful mountaineering expedition in North India during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Reo Purgyil: Map

Google Map

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Reo Purgyil FAQ’s

Which district is Reo Purgyil in?

At 6,816 meters, Reo Purgyil stands as the tallest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh, situated in the Kinnaur district. Geologically, the peak takes the form of a dome structure, being a part of a substantial massif that ascends above the Sutlej River, commanding a view over the western valleys of Tibet.

Which is the highest peak of Himachal?

The tallest peak in Himachal is Shilla Peak, standing at an impressive height of 7025 meters in the Kinnaur District. Following closely, the second-highest peak in the state is Reo Purgyil, reaching a height of 6816 meters, also located in Kinnaur. Moving to the breathtaking Lahaul and Spiti Valley, the highest mountain peak is Gya, towering at 6794 meters.

Which is longest river of HP?

Sutlej River enters India through Shipki La pass. The Bhakra-Nangal Dam is constructed across the Sutlej river. The Indira Gandhi canal is situated on the Sutlej river. It is the longest river in Himachal.

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