Saksham Scholarship Scheme apply online upsc 2023

Saksham Scholarship Scheme: The Saksham Scholarship Scheme, led by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and implemented by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is a special program for students with disabilities.

Saksham Scholarship Scheme, Saksham Scholarship

This initiative aims to support and encourage them in pursuing technical education. Every year, disabled students are provided the opportunity to further their studies and prepare for a successful future with the help of the Saksham Scholarship scheme.

It’s a meaningful step towards inclusivity, breaking barriers, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical challenges, has access to education for a brighter tomorrow.

Saksham Scholarship

The Saksham Scholarship Scheme, led by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and managed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is a vital initiative. It’s designed to encourage and support specially-abled children pursuing technical education, ensuring that every young student, despite unique challenges, gets the chance to study further and prepare for a successful future.

What Saksham Represents:
Saksham goes beyond being just a scholarship program; it’s a symbol of inclusivity, tearing down barriers for specially-abled individuals in technical education. By creating a supportive and empowering environment, the scheme opens doors for these students, enabling them to access educational opportunities and contribute meaningfully to society.

Transformative Power of Education:
At its core, Saksham believes in the transformative power of education. This initiative not only provides financial assistance but also acts as a pathway to education that nurtures the talents, skills, and aspirations of specially-abled students.

What’s Coming Up:
Stay tuned for more details on how and when students can apply for the Saksham Scholarship Scheme, the eligibility criteria, the financial assistance provided, and a comprehensive overview of the application process. Discover how Saksham is shaping an educational landscape that is more inclusive and supportive of every student’s journey towards a successful future.

Saksham Scholarship Overview

1.Name of the scholarshipAICTE Saksham Scholarship Scheme
2.Provider detailsAll India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
3.Place of studyAICTE approved institutions in India
4.Level of studyTechnical diploma/degree courses
5.Application timeline*Between August and October (For the academic year 2022-23, the deadline is 31 December 2022)
6.Number of scholarshipsNot specified
7.Award detailsINR 50,000 per annum for every year of study
8.Term of the scholarshipOne academic year
9.Application processApply online through the National Scholarship Portal
10.Important websites

Saksham Scholarship Benefits

In a step towards inclusivity, the Saksham scholarship scheme opens its doors to all eligible specially-abled students, ensuring that each deserving recipient receives a significant INR 50,000 annually throughout their academic journey.

Saksham Scholarship Scheme apply online upsc 2023

This substantial amount is provided as a lump sum, offering flexibility in its utilization for various educational expenses.

The financial assistance from the Saksham scholarship scheme caters to a wide range of needs. From covering college fees to supporting the purchase of essential items like computers, books, stationery, software, equipment, and more, the scholarship is designed to meet the diverse requirements of specially-abled students during their educational pursuits.

This holistic approach not only recognizes the unique challenges faced by specially-abled individuals but also actively works to remove financial barriers.

By doing so, it allows these students to concentrate on their studies and academic success without the added stress of financial constraints. The Saksham scholarship scheme, through its substantial financial support, emerges as a catalyst for empowerment, creating an environment where every specially-abled student can thrive and construct a successful future.

Saksham Scholarship Eligibility

AICTE has laid out clear criteria for students seeking the Saksham scholarship. The eligibility factors include academic qualifications, the extent of disability, and financial need. Importantly, the selection is solely based on merit, relying on a student’s performance in qualifying exams. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what makes a student eligible for the Saksham scholarship scheme.

To be eligible for the Saksham scholarship scheme, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Disability Requirement:
  • The scholarship is exclusively available for students with a disability.
  1. Level of Disability:
  • The disability level should be not less than 40%.
  1. Income Limit:
  • The annual family income should not exceed INR 8 lakh from all sources.
  1. Educational Qualification:
  • Students must have secured admission in the first year of a technical diploma or degree course at an AICTE-recognized institution in India.

These criteria ensure that the scholarship is directed towards students facing specific challenges due to disability, creating an opportunity for them to pursue technical education without financial constraints.

Saksham Scholarship Application Process

The application process for the Saksham scholarship scheme is conducted online, providing a convenient way for eligible students to apply. Annually, AICTE opens the application window within a specified period on its online portal.

However, for the academic year 2021-22, applications for the Saksham Scholarship Scheme are facilitated through the National Scholarship Portal. Here’s a user-friendly, step-by-step guide on how students can smoothly navigate the application process:

  1. Visit the National Scholarship Portal:
    • Access the National Scholarship Portal, the designated platform for Saksham scholarship applications.
  2. Register or Log In:
    • If you’re a new user, register on the portal. For returning applicants, log in using your existing credentials, such as your email ID, mobile number, or Gmail.
  3. Navigate to Applicant Corner:
    • Once logged in, head to the “Applicant Corner” section on the portal.
  4. Initiate a New Registration:
    • Click on the “New Registration” tab and carefully follow the instructions provided.
  5. Read and Confirm:
    • Read the details thoroughly, tick the checkbox to confirm, and click “Continue.”
  6. Enter Required Details:
    • Provide your mobile number, input the Captcha code, and submit the OTP received.
  7. Save & Register:
    • Fill in the necessary details and click “Save & Register” to complete the registration process.
  8. Fresh Application:
    • Now, go to the “Fresh Application” tab and log in using your application ID and password.
  9. Fill in Details and Upload Documents:
    • Complete the application by entering the required information and uploading necessary documents.
  10. Submit Your Application:
    • Review your details, ensure all documents are uploaded, and submit your application.

This step-by-step guide aims to simplify the application process, ensuring that students can easily navigate and apply for the Saksham Scholarship Scheme.

Saksham Scholarship Documents Required

When applying for the Saksham scholarship, it’s essential to attach the following documents. Ensure that all scanned documents are in .jpg/.pdf/.png format, and their size adheres to the specifications mentioned in the online application for a smooth submission process. Here’s the list of required documents:

  • Mark sheet of class 10/SSC examination
  • Mark sheet of class 12/HSC examination
  • Annual income certificate of the family in the prescribed format issued by the Tehsildar or above competent authority
  • Admission letter to the first year of degree/diploma course issued by Centralised Admission Authority
  • Receipt of tuition fee paid for the academic year
  • Scanned copy of duly signed and stamped bank passbook seeded with Aadhaar details showing the name and photograph of the student, IFSC code and account number
  • Applicant’s photograph and signature
  • Aadhaar card
  • Certificate issued by the Principal/Director/HOD in the prescribed format
  • Certificate of disability issued by competent authority as per the format specified by the State Government
  • Scanned and attested copy of SC/ST/OBC certificate (applicable for SC, ST and OBC candidates)
  • Duly signed declaration by parents claiming the authenticity of the information provided in the application in the prescribed format

Saksham Scholarship Scheme Award Details

Scholarship Amount:
Beneficiaries of the Saksham scholarship scheme receive a substantial financial boost—INR 50,000 per annum for each study year. This significant amount, provided as a lump sum, covers a range of essential educational expenses.

Expenses Covered:
The scholarship is tailored to ease the financial strain of technical education. The lump sum of INR 50,000 can be utilized for:

  • College fees
  • Computer purchase
  • Books
  • Stationery
  • Software
  • Equipment, and more.

Annual Scholarships Disbursed:
Every year, a considerable number of disabled students are chosen to receive the Saksham scholarship. The program is designed to impact a significant portion of these students, ensuring they have the necessary financial support for their academic journey.

Selection Process:
Merit is the key player in selecting scholars, with academic excellence being the primary criterion. The marks obtained in the qualifying examination determine which students are most deserving of this financial support.

Comprehensive Financial Support:
It’s crucial to note that the Saksham scholarship focuses on core educational needs. Apart from the specified expenses, no additional grants are provided for hostel charges, medical expenses, or miscellaneous costs. The goal is to create an environment where disabled students can excel academically and prepare for a successful future.

Saksham Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Important Guidelines for Saksham Scholarship Recipients:

  1. Academic Progress:
  • Scholarship recipients failing to progress to the next class or level will forfeit the scholarship.
  1. Renewal Process:
  • Successful renewal is contingent upon the submission of a passing certificate or marksheet, along with a letter from the Head of the Institution, through the National Scholarship Portal.
  • The scholarship will be renewed for the next academic year upon meeting the renewal requirements.
  1. Gap Period:
  • The gap between the year of passing the qualifying examination and the session of admission in the diploma course should not exceed two years.
  1. Application Completeness:
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only verified online applications will be eligible for the scholarship award.
  1. Discontinuation:
  • The scholarship will not be awarded to candidates who fail or drop out in a subsequent academic year.
  1. CGPA to Percentage Conversion:
  • To convert Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) to a percentage, use the multiplying factor of 9.5. The formula is: CGPA X 9.5 = Percentage.
  1. Dual Criteria:
  • If both CGPA and total marks are present in the marksheet, the total marks will be considered for determining the percentage.

These guidelines are crucial for scholarship recipients to ensure continuous support and the smooth continuation of their educational journey. It’s essential to adhere to these rules for the successful and uninterrupted receipt of the Saksham Scholarship.

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