Shubh Shakti Yojana: Official Website, Apply Online, Last Date 2023

Shubh Shakti Yojana: The Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana, launched by the state government, is designed to support daughters, women, and unmarried girls from working families. Unmarried women and daughters can avail themselves of financial assistance amounting to Rs 55,000 through this program.

The provided funds can be utilized for various purposes like education, vocational training, starting a business, skill development, and even marriage.

The state government’s goal is to empower working women and daughters in Rajasthan through this initiative. If you want more details about the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana, keep reading our overview.

Shubh Shakti Yojana

The Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana, introduced by the state government, focuses on supporting working families in Rajasthan. This initiative, applicable for the year 2023, offers incentives for facilitating the marriage of daughters.

Eligible individuals in the state looking to benefit from these incentives can easily apply online through the official program website.

Crucially, the state government will provide incentives to a maximum of two daughters or women beneficiaries, which includes one of their daughters.

To qualify for the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023, it’s essential that the girl’s father, mother, or both are registered beneficiaries or construction workers in the mandal for at least one year.

This requirement ensures that the scheme’s benefits are specifically directed towards families with a sustained connection to the workforce in the construction sector.

Shubh Shakti Yojana Details Highlights

Name of schemeShubh Shakti Yojana
Started by themGovernment of Rajasthan
BeneficiaryWorking women/daughters of the state
ObjectProviding girls and women with financial support
Official website

Purpose of Shubh Shakti Yojana

This program is exclusively designed for working families in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023 not only offers various benefits but also enables families to financially support the marriage of their daughters.

Interested residents can easily apply for these benefits online through the official program website.

Under this scheme, the state government will provide incentives to a maximum of two daughters or women beneficiaries, including one of their daughters.

To qualify for the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023, it’s necessary that the girl’s mother, father, or both are registered beneficiaries and active construction workers in the mandal for a minimum of one year.

This ensures that the scheme’s advantages are specifically directed towards families with a sustained connection to the workforce in the construction sector.

Benefits of Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023

  1. Target Beneficiaries: The scheme is specifically tailored for women and unmarried daughters belonging to construction worker families in Rajasthan.
  2. Financial Assistance: The state government aims to provide financial assistance of Rs 55,000 to unmarried girls and women beneficiaries from labor families.
  3. Utilization of Funds: Recipients of the Shubh Shakti Yojana can utilize the provided amount for various purposes such as further education, vocational training, initiating a personal business, skill development, and even for their own marriage.
  4. Versatile Usage: The scheme emphasizes empowering women by allowing them the flexibility to choose how they want to use the financial aid for their personal and professional development.
  5. Government Initiative: The Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana is a commendable initiative by the Rajasthan government, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being and progress of beneficiary workers.
  6. Application Process: To benefit from this scheme, women and unmarried daughters are required to apply. This ensures that those who genuinely need the assistance can avail themselves of the program’s advantages.

In summary, the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana stands as a positive and versatile initiative, providing financial support to empower women and unmarried daughters in construction worker families, promoting their education, skills, and overall well-being.

Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023 Eligibility

  1. Residency Requirement: The construction worker applying for the scheme must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.
  2. Registration Period: The girl’s father, mother, or both should be registered construction workers on the board for a minimum of one year.
  3. Limit on Incentives: Incentives will be provided to a maximum of two daughters or women of the worker, including one of his daughters.
  4. Marital Status and Age: The beneficiary woman must be unmarried, and her age should be a minimum of 18 years.
  5. Educational Qualification: The educational qualification of the beneficiary woman should be at least eighth grade.
  6. Bank Account Requirement: There should be a bank account in the name of the beneficiary woman.
  7. Housing Facilities: If the beneficiary owns a house, it must have toilet facilities.
  8. Employment Duration: The beneficiary should be employed as a construction worker for a minimum of 90 days in the one-year period preceding the application.
  9. Possession of Labor Card: The beneficiary must possess a labor card.

These stringent yet essential eligibility criteria ensure that the benefits of the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana are directed towards genuine and deserving individuals, promoting transparency and fairness in the selection process.

Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023 Required Documents

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Residence certificate
  • Applicant’s Bank Account Passbook
  • Age certificate of the girl child
  • 8th Pass Result
  • Copy of Beneficiary Registration Identity Card.
  • Photocopy of Bhamashah Family Card or Bhamashah Nomination.
  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport size photograph

How to Apply Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023

Empowering Daughters:

The Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023 is a progressive initiative focused on fostering self-reliance among daughters in the state. Tailored to uplift and empower, the scheme extends its benefits to two unmarried daughters of a worker or a woman, including one of her daughters.

Through this program, women receive a substantial financial boost of ₹55,000, intended to support diverse endeavors ranging from education and entrepreneurship to marriage.

The streamlined process ensures the seamless transfer of allocated funds directly to the beneficiary’s account, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Application Process:

Shubh Shakti Yojana

To avail the advantages of this scheme, applicants need to provide essential documents, including the original residence certificate of Rajasthan, labor card, PAN card, income certificate, passport-sized photo, and Jan Aadhaar card.

The application process is user-friendly, accessible through the official website or the nearest e-Mitra center.

Prospective beneficiaries applying for the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana are urged to diligently complete the application form, ensuring precision in all provided information. Alongside the application, a photocopy of all necessary documents should be included.

The finalized application packet can be submitted to the nearest labor department officer. Alternatively, applicants can opt for online submissions through the official website of the Labor Department or at their nearest e-Mitra center.

Holistic Approach:

This holistic scheme not only provides crucial financial assistance but also prioritizes simplicity and accessibility in the application process.

It reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering women’s empowerment and self-sufficiency. For a more in-depth understanding, interested individuals are encouraged to refer to the official notification outlining the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana.

How to apply for Shubh Shakti Yojana 2023 Offline?

1. Visit the Official Website:

2. Navigate to the Download Section:

  • On the home page, locate the download option.

3. Download the Application Form:

  • Download the application form in PDF format from the available option.

4. Fill Out the Application Form:

  • Complete all the required information in the downloaded application form.

5. Document Attachment:

  • Attach all necessary documents along with the filled-out application form.

6. Submission:

  • Submit your completed application form along with the attached documents to one of the following:
    • Regional Labor Department
    • Divisional Secretary
    • Competent officer of another department


  • Ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete.
  • Submit the application to the designated authorities for further processing.

This straightforward and transparent process ensures that applicants can easily access and complete the necessary steps to avail themselves of the benefits offered by the Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana.

Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana Contact Details

  • It is necessary that you visit the official website first. You will be presented with the home page after visiting the official website. You will find the “Contact Us” option on this main page.
shubh shakti yojana
  • This is a must-click option. The following page will open in front of you after you click on the option. You can find all of the contact information on this page.

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